Alternative names: Dorfleben

Dorfleben game - this is another online game about the farm.

Dorfleben Online - a free browser-based game, in which you can virtually do gardening, agriculture and other activities.

Dorfleben registration just takes a very long time. To register you will need to do the following:

1. Find game site Dorfleben online.

2. You will see a form to login to your account. Since you are not a registered user of the game, you should click on the button in the lower right corner with the inscription « Register » .

3. You get to join a special form.

4. Write the first line of your e-mail address.

5. Enter your user name that you want it to be in the game.

6. Come up with a special password for the game.

7. If you agree to receive notification about the game and agree to all rules and recommendations of the site, leave the isolated cells with checkmarks. If not, remove the mark from those items that do not suit you.

8. After the actions, click on « Register » .

Play Dorfleben You can not worry about the power of your PC, as it is a browser game and it most importantly - a high-speed Internet. That's what you should take care.

In Dorfleben play you'll be on your plot of land. It will need to land berries, vegetables, various plant seeds, fertilize and clean up the field. These are the first steps that you will perform on the farm. If you go about your crops, then quickly gain experience and earn money.

Do you have a variety of ways to earn. First you will clover, which is very popular with bees, which you do honey.

In addition, herbs used as feed for cows, and they in turn produce milk after encroach clover. A special plant for milk can be processed into cheese. Of milled wheat flour mill turn grapes into wine and so on. The village offers you a lot of vegetation, livestock, the opportunity to decorate their territory, to buy various buildings.

As a result, your little plot turns into a gorgeous countryside. You lay out the beautiful track, plant the shrubs, put fountains. Grow vegetables in greenhouses. A lot of things can be done even on the farm, the main thing - it's a tremendous opportunity and desire.

Of course, you can invite friends to admire your yard. Ibid your attention will be given a variety of unique options.

Once you have a large variety of machines, with which you will be able to harvest. The main thing - is to look after the uchastochkom every day to go to the game and develop it.

Dorfleben online - this is a positive game that has long been loved by many people. Join in their community and have a rest on his plot of land together with their pets.


Gets a lot of bonuses and prizes from the game Dorfleben!

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