Dota 2

Alternative names: Dota 2

Dota 2 Online - multiplayer strategy-style action game with RPG elements model f ree-to-play . Already after the project had become popular DotA, the game was created in a separate client, which were introduced some new elements to improve performance. These two games are very similar. Bole so that the game Dota 2 was developed with the help of a person before working on the first draft. However, the new version has a number of advantages. These include built-in voice chat, reconnect support, the presence of territorial zones intended to separate the players, training tasks to help beginners improve visualization representation of action. Although the mechanics of the game as a whole was not affected. Before your product online, which can become a user, as in the game world DotA, lead team battles, trying to destroy the enemy base. In Dota 2 online There are the same Brits allowed to gain experience, acquire the necessary items, to develop to the highest level 25. Try it - you probably will be satisfied!

The first important question for you - it's Dota 2 profile. It occurs as follows:

- Enter a name akkakunta;

- Thought up a password and is repeated in the next line;

- Reported an email address that is confirmed in the next field;

- Select a security question and an answer is given to it;

- Enter the characters in the picture,

- Put a check mark than you are indicating that over 13 years old and agree to the rules of the game (better pre-read the user agreement provisions).

At the end of the account creation process, you must press the "Create Account".

The second important question - system requirements. For gameplay require the following parameters: OS Windows XP / 7 / Vista / Vista 64, Pentium 4 March. 0GHz / or equivalent AMD; graphics card compatible with DirectX 9 (128 MB or more), ATI X800, NVidia 6600 (or equivalent) Hard Disk Space 5 GB RAM and 1 GB. How have the opportunity to make - quite forgiving system requirements.

So, you're just getting started playing Dota 2 and you certainly should learn more about what to expect of your character. After select a character and start to manage it, will immediately take part in the battle against opponents. You will be in the team seeks to destroy the enemy's main building, and incidentally and wipe defensive towers and kill a huge number of Brits underfoot. At the same time you should not forget to think about how cool. You have to constantly pump character priobrketat good artifacts quality weapons. And to make sure that everything was fair, and take their share of the gold, which is issued for participation in the team.

Gameplay involves a battle between light and dark side. Each team is up to 5 people. Teams distributed on lines, on which the units will face opponents. Cherished goal - to have time to destroy the central enemies faster than they do with yours. Who was the first - is the winner!

Play Dota 2 - it means to act harmoniously with like-minded effort to develop the parameters of his character, to strengthen further the ability to discuss what is happening with other players in the chat and just get a lot of pleasure from exciting classes. Conquer level after level, take well-deserved awards, take part in practice matches are making every effort to bring success to the team, or if you do not want to strain, go with the flow and in the end still take away what is owed at the end of the battle - no matter what you do, most importantly enjoy it all! Game Dota 2 invites everyone to join. Do not like it - no one will not hold. But most likely you will not face disappointment. Enjoy the gameplay!



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