Alternative names: Dozory

Patrols online - is a free MMORPG on the famous tetralogy fantastic writer Sergey Lukyanenko.
Online game Patrols requires download and install on the computer player additional program - the game client, which minimizes the error in displaying graphics.

Minimum system requirements to be happy to play the game online Patrols following:
• Internet browser Internet Explorer 7 or Mozilla Firefox 3.
If you decide to follow the fast path, you will need to enter:
• Nickname - the desired character name under which you will know all the other players,
• username - the name to access the site and download game,
• password,
• electronic mailbox address,
• specify your gender.
Register Patrols on the long road immediately plunges you into the wonderful world of the game. You will immediately begin to participate in the adventure - the battle between the two warring parties other plunging into the three layers of the Twilight. When the battle is over, you will be asked to give his name, and only then offer to fill a small standard form to complete your registration:
• password,
• mailbox address ,
• login (name for the course on site),
• choose the gender of your character.
Patrols online game based on the confrontation between the two opposing forces, endowed with magical powers. This Other, Dark and Light, and controlling their bodies - Patrols. Also, in the game there is a third force - the Inquisition, to uphold the balance and to maintain neutrality in the eternal war Others. Therefore, starting to play the game online Patrols, you should choose the force on which side you will fight.
Game starts in Artek, where you are sent for treatment after a collision with the other. No people in the game, every beginner player remains a man short time before the initiation. After it only depends on you as soon as you walk the path from novice to Otherworld powerful magician who enjoys respect of friends and enemies fear.
Game Patrols online offers your character develop in such ways:
• magician,
• Sage (witch),
• , vampire,
• Devon,
• Incubus (Succubus),
• Werewolf (perevertite ).
As soon as your character will gain experience (obtained in battle), will increase its level, and you will open great opportunities, spells and skills.
Play Patrols will be very interesting. Because action games are at the center of modern Moscow. Beautifully rendered graphics, all the buildings and streets of this match. The game takes place on the streets and in areas - banks, offices and apartments. Also, your character must be conducted not only quaint life of the Other, but also the life of modern man, in particular, to go to work or use public transportation.
Boy, when you're on patrol play will satisfy even the most demanding player. You can fight both solo and participate in massive battles. In mysterious dungeons await you battle with golems, and you can fight with up to three! If you become Marines, you can be detained.
The game has a powerful and well thought-out economy, allowing your character to earn money.
Patrols Online registration will open before you a world where reality is intertwined with a magical component.

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