Draconian Wars

Alternative names: Draconian Wars

Game Draconian Wars [_2_ ] - one of the most popular collectible card games online. This is a tactical game that transports in the era of dragons. Players can act as a powerful leader of the army of dragons or human troops as soon as possible to win swept Hyperborea. Many pro card games rightly considered DraconianWarsonlineодной of the most difficult. Earth Hyperborea anciently belonged to Dragons, but went ashore technocrats who argue that when the land was under their possession. Control over the land - that will bring victory to one of the troops.

In Draconian Wars free [ _3_] can play anyone. Not so long ago, the game became available on the Desura , where it costs $ 2.5. In order to play online Draconian Wars [_1_ ] registered needed. To register you need to follow the link « Login or Register », located on the right side of the screen.

1. Before you open the registration form in the upper field, which « Name "you must specify its name.

2. The next line « Username » burn your gaming alias ( sure you have a couple of ideas).

3. In the « Email » need to indicate your real-life electronic mailbox.

4. The next two lines must specify a password to enter the game and confirm it by duplicating (in the fields " [ _6_] Password »and« Verify password », respectively).

5. All fields marked with an asterisk are required, so the field « Reddit [_2_ ] ' s code », without an asterisk, you can leave it blank.

6. Putting mandatory tick phrase « I have [ _6_] read and agree ... », you accept the rules and user agreement. In case your nesloglasiya registration is complete and you can not play the game online Draconian Wars .

7. At the end of completing the registration form to confirm their "humanity" by filling the field « Type [_3_ ] the two words »CAPTCHA provided by the system.

8. All filled? Click « Next ».

Now, when the registration is completed, you can start the game!

All in the game, there are four main types of cards.

1. Earth ( Units ), which include ground and air stations. Each plot is characterized by strength, armor and combat skills.

2. Weapons. These cards help you land your troops in battle.

3. Magic. These maps provide the ability to use in combat spells and charms to improve buildings, army, to get excellence in combat.

4. Disorder. It is unpleasant for your opponent cards that allow to use various tricks, magic spells and enchantments to break the enemy's plans.

In Draconian Wars play [ _3_] will be interesting to all. Like most card games, it captures from the first minute and keeps the tension of all the players until the last minutes of battle. In this game you will be able to make new friends with players from all over the world and practice the skill of battle. This challenging game will not leave anyone indifferent. Hurry to sign up and try their luck in a battle!



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