Dragon Nest

Alternative names: Dragon Nest

Game Dragon Nest - a mixture of MMORPG and arcade slasher, fantastic client game developed by South Korean studio Eyedentity Games. The main advantage Dragon Nest online - the latest fighting system non-target. Battles here are rapidly and dynamically, and the victory in them depends on the skills of the player. PvE and PvP well thought out. Variety completely eliminates boredom. You will be involved in the cycle of incredible adventures! Join the battle with the zombies, grab the key points involved in the wars between the teams. If you are tired of these tumultuous events, engage, for example, farming or fishing.

To expand its activities in the fantasy world, we need Dragon Nest registration. Also need to download the game. On the registration page, enter the email address, as well as a nickname for the forum. After creating akakunta downloader can download the game. All successfully passed, and then online game Dragon Nest worked seamlessly requires these minimum system requirements:

- OS Vista SP2 (32/64bit) / Windows 7 (32/64bit);

- Processor 12,

- Video NVIDIA GeForce 285 / ATI Radeon 4870; [_2_ ]

- Sound Direct x 6. 0;

- 1. 5Gb of RAM and 1. 5Gb hard disk space;

- Internet 56k modem.

Dragon Nest play start with character creation. You come up with a name, choose a hairstyle, facial features, clothing and shoes. Also, you should decide which class will belong. Dragon Nest inhabit archer, sorceress, clerics and soldiers. Archers - graceful, quick and agile creation successful in near and distant attacks. However, they are not persistent, they have a weak defense. Sorceress - masters ranged attack that can one spell combat dozens of enemies. They are able to control the actions of opponents and influence the course of the battle. Once upon a witches had the opportunity to become the best of the best, but came difficult times and had to fight with the monsters, earning this room. Clerics - amazingly hardy warriors of noble birth. Able to distract monsters and inflict fatal combos. Possess curative magic. Fed them only the ability to opt-out. Warriors - brave professionals combined shock and production of powerful attacks. Shine in the melee, but the problem is that ranged classes they simply can not let yourself.

Play game Dragon Nest online need, using available equipment. The whole point is that the different representatives of the classes available their weapons and uniforms. For archers - it's short, longbow, crossbow. For witches - grimoire sphere doll. For clerics - mace chain rod. And for the soldiers - a sword, ax, hammer. Apart from the above in the game Dragon Nest, there are various jewelry and potions that are useful at the right moment. Your weapons and armor can be improved. Things can be strengthened to give them additional properties that they are truly deadly. You can also create objects. This will help blacksmiths. They are able to create masterpieces.

Dragon Nest online - this is the mysterious world of Altera, which despite the raging controversy and the influence of the dark forces, is quite cubby. Here you will visit the snow-capped mountains, flowering on the plains, in the abandoned ruins, forests filled with secrets in the quiet villages and in the park, which is essentially - a ride. To save this beautiful world from the terrible dragons, players will seek and destroy the evil antidote.

Play Dragon Nest can be alone or together with his loyal friends. Here it is you to decide how to be more comfortable. It is worth mentioning that the group can fight monsters whole regiments, and one is not on the shoulder.

Perform basic side and daily quests and gain experience. Do these feats in the game to create all conditions! For the implementation of the most difficult tasks you can get the title. This inscription next to the name of the character, thanks to the characteristics of which may raise.

To pump character, enough for at least an hour a day to look into the game. Whatever happens, do not turn off track! Complete all the levels and become a real hero!

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