Dragon Pals

Alternative names: Dragon Pals

Game Dragon Pals is a browser-based online game, which was created in a fantasy style. This game is designed in the genre of anime, where your pets will be dragons. The game Dragon Pals You will encounter a unique and unexpected gameplay, and here you will see the custom class classification by sex.

Foreign-language (English) is presented in Dragon Pals registration. In order to create this game, you must enter the following information about yourself:

1) His e-mail address or name.

2) Write your password.

You can also register via Facebook .


Play game Dragon Pals You will be teaching their pets - dragons. You can improve their abilities. You may even be a few dragons, which you can use at the same time if necessary.

The game Dragon Pals play you must not only focus on sharpening the battle, but also you will take care of your pet. To do this you need to create your own kitchen garden and grow food on it for their fabulous pets.

In the browser game Dragon Pals online, there are three classes:

1. Archers - they explosive force are known for drawing huge damage in battle. They are best used for Damage in the long run.

2. Warriors - they have strong heart that make of them most stalwart defenders. Although their attacks moderate they can withstand most amount of damage.

3. Magee - are masters elements own two parties defense, and application damage. They are the most balanced from all three classes and are powerful healers [_7_ ].

Each class has its own unique set of skills. These skills are composed of three different types of indicators: attack, support and talent. Skills such as attack and support could be drawn into the skill bar to be used in battle, and talents act as passive skills.

Players have two distinct types of skill and can be used up to three skills in the skill bar at any time. Only one main attack skills can be used in a hot fight, but you can also use as many combinations as you want.

In-Game Dragon Pals is a system of alchemy, which is used to convert gold amethyst. The higher the level of excellence of Alchemy, the more the player can collect amethyst. There is no limit to how much a player can transform and have a chance to get ten times more. VIP players have a chance to free refining, and can also get Alchemy Packs.

To tame dragons and all competitors will be tough for you.

Fight in the arena and have the courage to fight for awards. Improve your skills and pave the way to the treasures that will reward you for your hard work.

Choose your class and fight with all the courage.


Sign in the game Dragon Pals for free and have set is not probable and exciting adventures from the game for themselves and their little friends.

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