Dragon's Prophet

Alternative names: Dragon's Prophet


Game Dragon's Prophet is a systematic fight that offers players a more realistic gameplay fighting.

Dragon's Prophet online will send you to a place where dragons roam the land, sea and fly through the air.

Prophet Dragon Game allows players to engage in battle with various dragons. Regain this order on earth from the evil Black Dragon, who escaped from turning.

In Dragon's Prophet registration is as follows:

1. You need to find the site of the game Dragon's Prophet online.

2. Top of the form you'll see a button with which you can create in the game through Facebook, a social network.

3. Another way to register for you is to register on the site.

4. On the site in the first row of the registration form enter your email address.

5. Repeat administration of e-mail address in the next cell.

6. Write down the password for the game. Use this combination only in this game.

7. Think nickname and write it down.

8. Read points as described below forms. If you are satisfied with everything in them, mark them by making them click.

9. Press «Play now for free».


Play Dragon's Prophet You will be through an Internet browser, so you should check out: connect to the Internet and to your computer was installed any browser.


Before you start to play Dragon's Prophet to play, you have to get acquainted with the features of the game:

1. Dragons are everywhere: in a world shaped as a dragon, more than 300 unique dragons roam the earth. You can fight, capture, train and ride on them to use and develop their unique skills and abilities and help his case.

2. Combat System: Dragon's Prophet uses Auto-target and combo system to give players a more realistic gameplay fighting. This system gives players more control with a wider range of tactical options than traditional MMOs.

3. Beautiful exciting world: players travel the exciting world filled with amazing detailed landscapes. Secrets, problems and creatures waiting to see how when you start playing.

4. Extensive system of Housing: let your imagination and excite your expectation. Players are given full control to build and develop your town unique in the city and, ultimately, of the empire.

5. Frontier System: Guild leaders rejoice! With this large-scale construction system, players have the opportunity to build their ultimate kingdom. Pursuing their citizens and their empire, you will develop in the game.

Dragon's Prophet Online - is a game of fantasy, which has won a lot of people. Join one of them and gets along with them a fun game Dragon's Prophet.


Prophet of the Dragon will bring you a variety of experiences that you will experience during the passage of the game. Sign up and do not stay on the achievements of their goals!

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