Drakensang online Introduce

Alternative names: Drakensang Online

Drakensang Online - is a free browser-based fantasy game, where there is magic and miracles. It is a world in which many dangers and various creatures, where dark minions who freed humanity's oldest foe - DRAGON.

Drakensang Online game is free and requires no client installation of the game. It is compatible with any popular browser. All you need to start the game, this Registration Drakensang Online: if you have a registered account on Facebook, it can be used as a desk in the game, simply by clicking on the banner knobku Facebook, then give permission to access the account itself. If this account does not, then do the following: on the home page by clicking on the "Register" button to open the registration window, in which the fields need to enter your name (first name), password, e-mail, date of birth, Bonus Code and tick acceptance of the Terms and conditions of confidentiality. Click on the "Register" button on this Registration in Drakensang Online game over. Next, go to a new page of the site will need to choose a game server from the list and playing style (PvE or PvP). PvE-player is against the world, and PvP - player versus player is. Next, press the "Start Game" and opened a new page for creating your character: it may be the Dragon Warrior, Mage Circle or the Rangers, he choose the floor, and hair growth. Assign it a name and press the "Create" button. Everything is now possible to begin his first assignment ...

As already mentioned, Drakensang Online game currently has three classes: Mages Circle Dragon Warriors and Rangers.

Mages Circle - this class of people high intelligence and knowledge of magic. They own essences of fire, ice and lightning, and to improve their strength with magic attacks.

Dragon Warriors - this class is unsurpassed master of close combat. Thanks they are even rage, they are able to apply skills particularly effective. So the longer they are fighting with the enemy, the more dangerous they are.

Pathfinders - members of this class are excellent arrows. They scheduled a distance goal is to weaken its arrows shot from ambush, and then cut it into his melee miracle blade bow.

Play the game the player will Drakensang Online, traveling to different regions (locations) of the game. At this point in the game there are seven regions: Grimmegstoun, Viltvuksshir, Kingshill Slifmor, Shorfolk, Tegansuol and Torstrond. Traveling to these regions, the player will perform a variety of tasks received from the NPC (non-player characters), and in the process killing various monsters. The reward for successfully passed quests will receive experience points and improve skills. In quest missions besides experience points and skills, the player can find very valuable items that are hidden in different places. Gradually, with each new level will appear more complex tasks.

Game Drakensang Online has at its disposal a large number of monsters that live in different areas. So play the game online Drakensang will not be bored, just no time to be bored.

The game has resources such as gold, silver and copper. And there - Inomanty (this game currency, which can, if necessary, buy the "real").

Play Drakensang Online can be talking on the forum, which is on the site.

In general, the game makes a good impression. Perhaps video tutorial, which can be viewed on the website will help you understand and figure out how to play Drakensang Online.

All that now separates the adventurous, it Drakensang Online registration!

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