Alternative names: Dragons

Online Game Dragons - new free browser toy that will appeal to all lovers of fantasy. Join in the game Dragons simple and clear to everyone, in order to play the Dragons, you only need to use any browser to run a toy and complete a standard registration form. Dragons - toy, which at full speed using modern technology 3D. Therefore, the interface and the picture is very colorful and qualitative. That schedule Dragons online game helps even deeper dive into the fantastic world of fire-breathing creatures.

Even before you leave your mail for registration, choose a nickname and get the password, you will be prompted to choose which side will have to fight

• Valor - calmly and reasonably warriors traders

• Sadar - ascetic warriors barbarians

On which side to pass and what principles are manifest in the world of online games Dragons need to decide before registration.

Play the game online Dragons can only be as a representative of the human race. In each of the two warring empires, there are two main races:

• people

• dragons

There are other characters - the representatives of the minor races - flame and moon elf, minotony and others, but they only act as allies or enemies.

Dragons - online game with addictive gameplay. After World War confrontation and evil forces of the gods Shaab, left two races who crave mutual blood. In the great rift - where dragons, teaming with people dealt a decisive blow to evil - formed crystals that have great magical powers, they are called Dragon Tears. Dragons online game's plot laid out in detail, but the very backstory of the world need to read Adam, as the intro to see fail.

Dragons offers beginners pass introductory quests that each player receives from his mentors, depending on the chosen empire - blue or red Valortsev Sadartsev.

If you decide to play the game online on the side of Dragons warriors merchants, the location will be the feather War Academy Gaeta, if like send more soldiers ascetics - it your way in the game Dragons Online begins with the Academy of War Radan.

To pump his hero must pass quests and fight monsters and opponents - like anything new, but to play the game online Dragons you start as soon as the defender of his mentor.

The first task is to search and destroy the traitor Marauder Dairy. Completing quests and winning fights, you get not only knowledge, but also the reputation points. In the world of Adan monsters can move freely, therefore, to attack one of them, you need to select it and confirm their intentions with a double click. Each defeated monster brings experience and reward for the hero.

Fight in the game takes place in semi-automatic mode. The hero can perform punches in three different racks:

• protective

• attacking

• magical

You can think about their tactics in the game Dragons. Play and fight worth carefully - combining racks, do not forget that your opponent may also change their position and use magic.

Dragons - online game with turn-based combat system. Strikes are by turns - first you, then - the enemy. In order to get out of the battle victorious, pobespokoytes advance about the gear. Special artifacts, magical amulets, and even your weapons can be purchased at the store. Therefore, do not forget to not only pump your character settings, and to monitor for the ammunition.

Of course, you can conquer the world Adan with friends - join clans and explore the game map Dragons. Registration will open your way to the fabulous world of strong and courageous warriors and colorful 3D graphics. There is no need to make special efforts to feel the real hero of the world of Dragons. Able and willing to play each - be sure to try their hand at the bright world of dragons and warriors.

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