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Dream Farm is a farm that you can play on Android mobile devices. The game has colorful 3d graphics with excellent detail. The characters are realistically voiced, and the music creates an atmosphere of fun in the game.

Your goal is to build a dream farm, a large and prosperous enterprise producing a huge amount of food.

It takes a long way to turn a few buildings on a small plot into a huge farm.

  • Take care of clearing the area
  • Sow the fields and harvest
  • Build aviaries for animals and birds
  • Expand your house and barn
  • Explore the area around the farm for building materials and useful items
  • Trade in farm produce

Complete the tasks from this small list you will achieve success.

The control interface is simple and intuitive. Tips will be displayed at the beginning of the game to help you get used to it faster.

It is important to choose the right crops to grow. Perhaps it will be more profitable to buy something on the domestic market, and use the vacant land to grow other plants.

Produce animal feed on time, don't keep them waiting.

The range of products that can be produced on the farm is huge. You can create everything from simple juices to clothes or cakes. Sell products to the market and farm visitors.

Buyers in the market are real people. Try not to have too high a price for the exhibited goods.

The money earned can be spent on expanding the farm and improving buildings.

Make your farm unique. Arrange garden furniture and decorations according to your taste. Buildings can also be arranged in the order and in the places you want. There are no two identical farms in the game.

Get a pet or several at once. You can play with them, but in addition to this, they will need your care.

The change of seasons has been implemented in the game. In winter you will see snow, and in summer there is a lot of heat and sun. But don't worry, in the winter you will also have something to do. The crop grows at the same rate all year round.

During the seasonal holidays, fun contests await you in which valuable thematic prizes can be played. These are mainly decorative items.

In order not to miss anything interesting, check periodically for updates.

The farm needs constant care. Visit the game every day and get daily and weekly login prizes.

Dream Farm is not too hard to play. You can have fun in transport or give the game a few minutes at lunchtime.

The in-game store offers a variety of items. The range is regularly updated. You can pay for purchases with game currency or real money.

You can download

Dream Farm for free on Android by following the link on this page.

Start playing now to start building your dream farm!

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