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Dreamdale is an adventure RPG with farm game elements for mobile platforms. Here is a beautiful 3d graphics in an unusual style. The voice acting is good, the music is nice.

The game is quite different from the usual farms, although in it you have to perform similar tasks.

  • Destroy crowds of enemies while clearing the vastness of the game world
  • Get wood and stone for construction
  • Build in the controlled area, houses, warehouses and factories
  • Determine areas for fields, cultivate and sow them
  • Go fishing for food
  • Find like-minded people willing to help you

As you can see, everything is much more complicated than on the usual farms. Fortunately, the developers took care to provide the game with an understandable but short tutorial.

The main feature is that in the first place your character is a warrior and only then a farmer.

While traveling around the map, you will come across prize chests randomly placed here and there. By collecting the coins inside in various quantities, you can buy many useful items when you visit the store later.

From the start, only one weapon is available, this is an ax. As you progress, you will get the opportunity to significantly expand your arsenal.

Complete quests to gain experience. As your character level up, choose which parameters to improve in order to advance further.

There are many adventures waiting for you while you play Dreamdale. Travel on ships, trains and even by helicopter. Dig mines, fish, trade, breed pigs. Feel like a real fairy-tale hero, because there is a place for magic in the game world. You can even master some magical abilities if you wish.

It is very important when setting up your farm to have a place to store all supplies and resources. Build enough warehouses and barns. In fact, these are the most important buildings in the game that are of paramount importance. Only when you have enough storage space can you start building everything else.

You decide how the farm will look, arrange buildings and fields as you like. You can even compose words this way.

Play every day and get daily and weekly login prizes.

Take part in seasonal holidays with competitions to win generous prizes and gifts.

The in-game store will make your in-game life a little easier. Buy the missing resources, equipment or decor items using in-game currency or real money. It is not necessary to make purchases, but if you like the game, then this is how you will say thanks to its creators.

With updates, the game is replenished with content, new interesting locations and tasks that will not let you get bored.

You can download

Dreamdale for free on Android by clicking on the link on this page.

Install the game right now and start cleaning up the evil and beautifying the magical world!

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