Driver: San Francisco

Alternative names: Driver: San Francisco

Game Driver: San Francisco - one of the most exciting races of multiplatform. The basic difference in the realism. You will have to thoroughly hone driving skills and overcome any difficulty trails. As project developers made famous Ubisoft, to doubt the quality of the game is not necessary - it's really high-quality and solidly executed project. This project is a logical continuation of the acclaimed Driver. Overall, the project is similar to all the previous games in the series, but still some great innovations do not mention impossible.

Driver San Francisco game will give the opportunity to familiarize you with the continuation of the story of two desperate drivers and inveterate enemies, John Tanner and Charles Jericho, who still managed to survive after a terrible shootout in Istanbul. After this incident, the guys were still able to return to his native United States. Now Tanner has been patrolling the streets of San Francisco, and Jericho is awaiting sentencing court. However, the criminal nature Jericho managed to escape the attack on a police van carrying him. In an attempt to stop the runaway Tanner gets into a terrible accident involving a truck. He survives but falls into a coma. Well, as you do not want to quickly download Driver San Francisco to personally ascertain the veracity of such an incredible developments?

After such events Tanner was able called «shift», which gives him the ability to become implanted in the bodies of other people if necessary. Now, moving from car to car, you will be able to continue successfully, it would seem, even self-defeating mission.

Once you can download Driver: San Francisco, you will be amazed at the grand fleet, available to players. It is more than 120 unique and legendary cars that during the game you can upgrade to new heights! And not so long ago, developers have promised to consider adding in Driver: San Francisco Russian machine, so as to encourage all Russian fans of the project.

In this project, you can try yourself as a driver driving on more than 200 kilometers expensive. In this case, unlike the previous game, in the continuation of Drivers will be implemented as much as 9 main game modes, allowing you to make the game more interesting.

To successfully download the game Driver: San Francisco, you will need to buy a pre-keys to access it. You can do it clicking on the link directly from the main site of the game. For carrying out missions you can earn money, which will then be spent to upgrade an existing or a new car.

You can record your records for special DVR, which feature in Driver: San Francisco machine. And later achievements can be share with your friends on social networks.

Hurry up and you test the Driver: San Francisco pc, it's actually a great and exciting race!

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