DSF Starfleet

Alternative names: DSF E92

DSF Starfleet: a look into the future

Today, the cosmos hides many secrets, and we do not know whether there is life on other planets besides ours. We are frightened by aliens, representing them often as aggressive enslavers. But perhaps if there are other civilizations, not all of them are dangerous. Who knows what the future will bring to humanity. Which gave him open, and in what long-distance travel you can go to trade with cute humanoids, refrain from contact with others and frankly quarrel with the third. DSF Browser Multiplayer Starfleet plays on this topic, offering to be at the helm:

  • Linkora
  • Cruisers
  • Cornets
  • Fighter
  • Fregat
  • Flagman

We are waiting for a space odyssey, the majestic landscapes of the cold glow of the stars, unprecedented adventures, dangerous skirmishes, research and study of the technologies of the future. Start DSF Starfleet to play, and let the cosmos submit to you.

What does the adventure begin with?

As it is accepted in MMORPG toys, DSF Star Fleet first registers or enters through the social network service Next, select the server, then create a hero, choosing the gender and assigning a name. Now the most interesting meeting with an assistant, who diligently introduces you to the course of all events, helps to deal with the management and offers to complete their first training tasks.

Novice is very useful to complete the proposed quests. This will not only help to quickly deal with the work of the base, but also will bring some resources for further development. After completing the mission, the assistant will step back, and occasionally only remind himself of useful tips or tasks. Further development you do yourself, studying the numerous branches.

  • Recover resources
  • Build buildings and ships
  • Develop a planet and a station
  • Store gold
  • Enter defense
  • Collect taxes

If there are ships, they need fuel and pilots, and buy them for gold mined during the quests. There is another currency, diamonds, but you can get them for real money. But then you can significantly speed up your own development.

The first steps of the conqueror

For the opportunity to stand up safely, I want to bow to the developers and thank you so much. As long as you do not remove the lock and do not allow other participants to drag you into the war, no one can do this. While your ban on hostilities is in effect, you can enjoy the economy and construction, developing mines, accumulating metals and producing necessary items. All buildings are connected and they need to be improved to get to new opportunities.

V DSF E92 fleet you will pay more attention to the preparation for the battle, rather than participation in it. Hire captains and build ships, and then send them to the point of conflict to watch what is happening.

Radars will help detect the approach of strangers by giving an alarm, and the higher the level of their pumping, the more accurate the readings will be. Ships also require constant improvements, and you can equip them with additional armor, weapons, and increase your attack and defense skills.

It is known that it is difficult for one to repel the most dangerous enemies, and for this purpose Alnsa is created. To join them, you must apply, and if they accept you, you will find allies who will help you with resources and military force if you are to meet with a strong opponent.

Alliances also give out tasks, and only its participants can open them, but you can only perform 2 per day. For success, you will be awarded medals that increase the rank of your captains.

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