Spirit of the Dragon

Alternative names: Dragon Spirit, ddgame

Online Game Dragon Spirit - browser game of the new generation. Here, all the action takes place in a magical world Sherus. Game developers - the company Mental Games - created a masterpiece!

Self-registration in the game Dragon Spirit will be available in open beta stage closer to the fall. But on the official website you can submit your application to participate in the closed beta test and then get a chance to play in the spirit of the Dragon now.

In-Game Dragon Spirit online has its own peculiarities. First, this fairy-tale world truly impresses with its scenic beauty: you see snow-capped mountains Sherusa, lush green forests ... But awesome graphics game world - that's not all! Second - thoroughly researched gameplay, locking system, command and single fights. In addition, you have the opportunity to: meet with evil bosses and hundreds of evil monsters; visit dangerous dungeons, fight in the bloody arena of dynamic PvP and PvE battles; find all the artifacts scattered around the world. But, of course, the main feature of the game is unique and legendary call of the Dragon on the battlefield.

Striking a unique locking system. In this game, the castle - the heart of the players and place of combat strategies. You will have the opportunity to join one of the locks and furthermore, become king. Together with other players you will gradually develop the castle: sow and harvest, extract stone, carry out research and to train their troops. For his contribution to the development you will receive titles and ranks. The harder you do it, the faster your palace will become the center of the kingdom.

Play online game Dragon Spirit snap. The entire game is based on the incremental system battles one on one and in groups.

Here are the different races

• People

• Elves

• Orcs

• Forsaken

It is also possible in the game Dragon Spirit, you can choose one of the character classes:

• Healers

• Knights

• Magee

• Thieves

• Priests

• Hunters

• Warriors

The game has all sorts of tactics battles and weapons, lots of artifacts and special features that allows you to feel the whole dynamic of the fight.

In single PvP and PvE combat, and you can create a group and watch the battle on the screen of their comrades and enemies, to see all their actions on one battle arena.

Group battles - it is a feature of the Dragon Spirit.

For team battles provides for a system: gathering up his five companions, assessing the capabilities and capacities of each of them, you need to choose a worthy opponent. Using this tactic, you get closer to the victory itself.

Plays an important role and place of the battle, because of the proper placement of players in the arena depends on your victory: you can choose one of nine proposed sites.

These locations are in the form of rooms for successive battles with the most sinister creatures. After the battle, you pass to the next level of complexity.

Play online game Dragon Spirit will be interesting and great lovers wander through mysterious dungeons in search of treasure. Designed for this special "zones" that can be played on the day ten times.

Also, you will receive a reward. When the last award, it will be necessary to fight the "leader." Solo you can hardly handle it. And at this crucial time you can enlist the help of the Great Dragon, which can be accessed on the battlefield. These majestic and powerful creatures are always ready to help players.

Online game Dragon Spirit has many special features, one of which is the creation of objects, high quality weapons and artifacts. If you want to raise your level, then be engaged in the implementation of quests in the game which hundreds, or take part in the battle.

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