The Two Towers

Alternative names: 2Towers

The Two Towers online - is a browser online game (MMORPG) of a new type, where the predominant correctly chosen tactics and team spirit. There are only coordinated team play and correctly chosen tactics allow to win the battle. Online Game The Two Towers is accessible from any browser.

In order to start playing the game online The Two Towers, need not complicated Join The Two Towers: on the home page by clicking on the "Register" button will open a new page where the registration field, enter the name (login) choose to take the floor and Saugus with the Rules of the game. Next, go to the next page, choose the class of 6 offers: Builder, Archer, Mage, Priest, Ballista and Natives. If a character is what you do not like during the game, it can be changed and continue on in the play The Two Towers.

After selecting a character, opening the menu of "Profile", you can see the tendency of character, ibid enter e-mail, password, and choose the gender of your avatar. Well that's basically everything in the game Register Two Towers completed and is now, after all the settings you can play the game online Two Towers.

Initially, your character will be invited to perform first Quest task for which he will receive a reward in-game currency. At this stage of the quest tasks -13 pieces.

Game Two Towers has the online game currency - gold, silver and pearls. Pearls can be bought for real money, gold and silver earned in the game ways.

For this currency in specialty stores, you can buy different weapons and ammunition (each character his own), potion and runes.

Each of the characters has a chance to buy the status (for a fee): Master, The Bounty Hunter, Warrior, shopkeeper, Scout, Disguise, Freeze loach, banker and auctioneer. Besides status, characters have seven kinds of characteristics: Attack, Defense, Luck, Agility, Diligence, Greed and Intellect. And these abilities: Magic blow Stoneskin, Slower, Blessing, Anathema, Treatment, strong cast, Wall Shield.

Online Game Two Towers offers another batch capabilities, but also for a certain amount of game currency: Warlord, landowner and merchant.

After completing each level in the game, the character will receive a free glasses of characteristics that need to be distributed between the parameters of the hero.

The Two Towers online offers several types of battles: Arena Battles and Fighting for beginners. And also, this kind of fights as "Invasion" - it fights against monsters (3x7, 7x7), where victory is generously rewarded.

In The Two Towers, you can use to play Tyr (here you can explore the different skills, fight monsters, try different ammo and make some money).

For those who prefer the command and coordinated the game, there is an opportunity to join the clan. Or create your own. Play the game online Two Towers composed Clan, then be able to tackle all the issues that arise in the course of the game, together with others.

Moving up the career ladder in this game, you can improve the game title from the ordinary to the marshal. But this is not the end, if you make every effort possible to achieve the rank of Guardian Fortress, it is almost top of the game evolution. But the ultimate goal of each player in the game, it is not the possession of gold and fortresses, and buy your own island (there are four types of islands: Little Island, Little Island, Middle Island and Big Island), and eventually get the title of Guardian of the Island.

So in conclusion of this review, I want to add the following: In the game there are many interesting features, locations, buildings and nuances of the game, as The Two Towers online game is the "volume" and it consists of many islands. Therefore, instead of all in a short review is not possible. The best option to explore the entire game, this game Join The Two Towers, which will play in the Two Towers studying it from the inside. Ready for adventure? Two towers check waiting for you!

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