Dying Light 2

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Dying Light 2 is very interesting and definitely one of the most spectacular RPGs at the moment. The game has excellent graphics, the world is amazingly detailed. The music is chosen to match what is happening on the screen, the voice acting is excellent. Many were waiting for the game and had to wait longer than expected. For various reasons, scriptwriters and development studios have changed.

In the game you have to save the world from a virus that turns the population into zombies. After an enormous effort was made to cure the population of this contagion for the first time, all samples of the pathogen were destroyed. But the military decided to leave a few samples in their laboratory and study them in order to develop biological weapons. By an unfortunate coincidence, the virus broke free and managed to destroy almost the entire population of the planet. The survivors live in the only city around which all territories are captured by zombies. A small number of people who are able to survive in the outside world are called pilgrims and not everyone in society treats such characters well. The most likely cause of hostility is envy. But an openly dismissive attitude is rarely shown, since all pilgrims have very well developed combat skills and sufficient strength.

All residents of the city, without exception, wear special bracelets that prevent disease.

In addition to the story missions, there are additional quests in the game, do not neglect them, you will find out later why.

The game takes place within the walls of the city of, this gives a huge scope for applying parkour skills, and you even have to meet the founder of this accelerated mode of movement, David Bell. All this greatly adds to the game entertainment.

The city is multi-level and very beautiful.

Your character can be armed with a variety of weapons.


  • Bows
  • Axes
  • Clubs
  • Crossbows
  • Swords
  • Batons

Weapons may be simple, but you can also find some truly legendary items. In addition, any of the items supports modification. You can add fire or shock damage this way.

The combat system is varied and even allows you to use elements of parkour. But in order to reach the heights, you need to pump the character well, at the very beginning he knows little, and the game may even seem boring. It is for pumping and you need to perform additional tasks. So you will achieve success much faster both in battle and in parkour. You will not be able to open all the skills by simply going through the storyline. Take your time and spend some time at the beginning of the game to master at least the minimum skills before moving on.

While moving around the city or fighting, keep an eye on your stamina bar. It is spent on power actions and strikes. Hanging somewhere, you can not keep track of this parameter and fall from a great height, which will lead to the death of the hero.

Dying Light 2 download for free on PC, it will not work, unfortunately. You can buy the game on the Steam platform or on the official website.

Start playing, don't let the zombies defeat the population of the last city on the planet!

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