Dying Light

Alternative names: Dying Light

Igra Dying Light: zombies are coming.

Igra Dying Light invites to go to the open world to fight a nightmare crowds walking dead. The development of toy studio Techland engaged, publishing it in the genres of horror survival and Action 27. 01. 2015 In May 2013 the project developer Bros Warner. Interactive Entertainment introduced the announcement with some details about the product:

      • Xbox One
      • Linux
      • PlayStation 4
      • SteamOS
      • Microsoft Windows

V August 2013

  • Novy engine Chrome Engine 6
  • Podderzhka DirectX 11
  • Odnopolzovatelsky / multiplayer rezhimy
  • Detalnaya kartinka
  • Parkur
  • Sborka weapons, as well as its uluchshenie


Byli announced and information about the possibility of Dying Light download for the most relevant platforms:

was released gameplay video, and later there was a message from the publisher that the fans of the game, decided to pre-order, you will be rewarded with a good opportunity to download Dying Light complement Be the Zombie, allowing to take place in PVP-time plot of the person infected. As of September the authors have reserved a regular information and presented it at an exhibition Eurogamer Expo, held in the UK, where he opened an additional game features the principle of automatic generation of events, traps, and others.

Vyzhivanie begins.

Itak welcome doomed to extinction in the city of Haran, which is full of revelry strange virus that turns people into zombies. The epidemic cut the city from the rest of the world, and to prevent the spread of infection, it is necessary to find a cure from it, and this will lead the hero Kyle Crane. It effectively arrives at Haran with a parachute in order to find the secret documents, disclosure of which would lead to the collapse of his organization. He faces a total chaos, cruelty and thirst for the blood of citizens who have come together in two camps:

  • Klouny-parkurschiki good parni
  • Golovorezy with Rice headed bad parni

I is not given the zombies, climbing from all the cracks like cockroaches. Day of the city seems to be extinct, and Kyle explores this seamless world, collect ammo, weapons designs. At night it gets really dangerous, because at that time the level of contamination increases, and creep out of their holes maddened creatures of all backgrounds. Now the hero becomes the prey itself, and survival becomes an art. Kyle lot of jobs, and often have to save friends. But the most fascinating tricks and the players are not tired to move around the city, jumping across rooftops, climb pipes, jumping and running on all levels. It is beneficial and the hero, because he is in the process of honing skills and moves faster. Showdown with the zombies seem endless. Living Dead as if someone clones, and while they are sluggish, it is best not to fall into their hands, or eat and not choke. Works best tactic alternation of attack and retreat cutting of the pipe head, he jumped up on the third floor, again jumped on the chosen victim. On the thugs to handle difficult, especially if you are not armed properly. With teams better not to get involved, but the lonely traveler will be a good opportunity to get hold of the knife, a hook or something more solid. If you cooperate with the players Dying Light on the PC, a life transformed immediately, because to confront the enemies of the group easier.

Minimalnye system requirements:

  • OP 8 Gb
  • OS: 64bit / Win 7/8 (8. 1)
  • Protsessor: Intel Core i5-2500 @ 3,3 GHz / AMD FX-8320 @ 3.5 GGts
  • Videokarta: Nvidia GeForce GTX 670 / AMD Radeon HD 7870 with 2 GB pamyati
  • Versiya DirectX: 11
  • Mesto disk space: 40 Gb
  • Zvukovaya card compatible with DirectX 10
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