Eden Eternal

Alternative names: Eden Eternal

Game Eden - game two years ago in anime style, which is designed for a large number of users simultaneously. Its main feature, the game differs significantly from similar strategies - this is not an opportunity to play a character with multiple switching thus between several classes. If you decide to Eden Eternalv play then you do not have to count on a rapid ascent to the summit of perfection and easy victories. You have to break your head over how to become brave, strong and powerful character.

It is said that for each class is provided for different combat characteristics. This can be not only bonuses that one or another character receives damage, the ability to choose different types of weapons, ability to summon help animals and much more. All in the game can be enjoyed by players of five classes, but change one to the other takes about 20 seconds at a good speed internet.

Requirements for the game are pretty standard:

1. Access to the Internet at a speed of not less than 600 k / sec.

2. Operating system - XP, Vista, 7 or similar.

3. Memory to at least 1GB.

4. RAM - 1 GB or more.

5. Graphics card.

6. Sound card.

7. Minimum playing skills.

In Eden Eternal online players can build the whole metropolis, it all depends on the imagination and desire. You can develop the economy and social sphere, held jobs and participate in the implementation of numerous plans. Because of this, the player has the opportunity to win the respect of masters. If you are not willing to take responsibility for the whole city, you can join any city as a resident and develop there. You will have to join the guild, develop yourself and help develop others.

In Eden Eternal registered needed. It will provide an opportunity to enjoy all the bonus game. We should not forget about the store where you can buy everything you need. Registration itself takes very little time, it passes on the title page of the game (fields are filled with the name, email, etc.

In addition to peace-building have the opportunity to try their hand at another career - for example, to take part in battles, battles, go on a treasure hunt, etc. etc. At each stage can be pumped hero and receive a prize and bonuses. As a result, if you learn how to competently combine military attacks and peaceful existence, then pretty quickly be able to build your own city and to develop in him a strong infrastructure.

In Eden Eternal play online very interesting also because once the game can play up to several thousand people. But at the same time in one guild is only three dozen players. With all of this should not deceive ourselves that if today you have won the battle, then tomorrow you will be able to do the same. It will have to constantly improve their skills and develop more and more new strategy.

Play Eden Eternal suits people of all ages - in fact here is what to do each . So - play and improved.

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