Eldoran: Battle limits

Alternative names: Eldoran

Eldoran: Battle limits online solve the problem of the correct choice of daily fantasy game for many gamers who are bored at first and let the fun, but all the same routine and the plainness of similar online games. The advantage of the game can be called that play the game online Eldoran: Battle limits, with only a stable connection to the Internet and familiar to you web browser. The game does not require you to download any special software on your computer.

Eldoran Online Game: Battle limits gives you the opportunity to plunge into the world of fantasy and adventure involved in the struggle between good and evil. Choose your pretty side of the conflict, create their own character, completes quests, win battles, you become stronger because you extracted experience. As with any online game, the main goal of the game is to compete with other online players.

To play Eldoran: Battle limits you must be passed registration in the game Eldoran: Battle limits. It will not take you much time and is free. Eldoran: Battle limits registration consists of several steps:

1. In the first registration window you must choose the race of your character and set it by choosing the initial characteristics of the parameters of attack, defense, agility, magic.

2. Then select the name of the exterior and floor you created hero.

3. At the final stage of registration, you write your name, email address, password, and a new game agree with the rules of the game.

Congratulations. Register Eldoran: Battle limits passed, and you can start your adventure.

Eldoran Game: Battle limits online does not burden your character class difficult choice, because you yourself personally determine what characteristics should focus on delivery experience points your hero.

In this game you are in the right to choose which of the four available races world Eldoran: Battle outside to play. You can play the game Eldoran: Battle limits for online progressive race gross ascetic Irie, Gran sinful and wild unbridled sattekov.

Gross - the most advanced in the technological aspects of the people and ekonomicheskom Eldorana. These people do not rely on fate and volatile magic. Cohesive society and an inquiring mind - these are the main ways to combat sattekov against other races.

Satteki - the exact opposite of gross. They are a people of hunters and trackers. In the struggle for survival, use the forces of nature, because it contains a craving for each Satteke birth.

Gran - people do not recognize you familiar morals. They have long made their choice in favor of debauchery and perverse pleasures. Naisilneyshy of this people have magical powers to seduction and manipulation.

Airi - natives of Gran people made their choice in favor of the rejection of bodily pleasures. Is a certain mix and Gran Sattekov. Despite the craziness Nargen are their worst enemies, which, incidentally, is quite mutual.

Despite its interactivity and playability Eldoran game is under active revision, and we play until the beta version of the game. That is to say, we have a guarantee for development and renewal so exciting world. Has recently introduced to the game would be able to create Clans - online community of players who will be in the near future to wage a fierce struggle for control over territories on the global map of the world Eldoran.

It should be noted Eldoran: Battle limits - an online game developed by domestic Kharkov «Fantasy Universe». Support domestic producers. Especially because programmers have tried and continue to try their best.

Be sure Eldoran: Battle outside the online game is something that will not let you get bored and will open fully either in the development of talent fighting game character.

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