Alternative names: Elsvords

Elsword online - In this free faytingovy RPG online game with a two-dimensional graphics in anime style. Online game Elsword has gamepad support, that is, you can play it with a joystick. In this game you can become a legend, gaining victories over their opponents!

In order to start playing this game, you need Register Elsword. For starters, you need to go to the game site, and download the game client through Pando Download manager.

Necessary system requirements.

Operating System: Windows 2000/XP;

CPU: P3 800HZ or P4 2. 7GHZ;

Memory: RAM 256M or RAM 512M;

Hard Drive: 1.3 GB - 2 GB of free space or more;

Video: GeForce MX400 (32M) or GeForce FX5700/ATI Radeon 9600 (128M);

DirectX: 9. 0C 2006 Aug or higher. Net FrameWork 2. 0 and 9. 0C 2006 Aug or higher. Net FrameWork 2.

Installing the game client, follow the installation instructions (installation detail painted on the home page in the "Game"). After completing the installation and entering the game, enter your login and password. Registration on this fact in the game Elsword ends and you can start playing!

Elsword online game offers three playable characters: Elsword, Aisha and Rena.

Elsword - is a master of the sword and excellent fights in the melee. His quick response, but poor protection against magical attacks. From playing with Elsword Knight base class and reaching up to 15 level, he can choose between the class Sword Knight and Magic Knight. But this is not the limit, it will continue to evolve to higher levels ...

Aisha - an enchantress. She specializes in fighting at long range and can hit multiple targets at once. All abilities she draws from the elements. Starting to play the game online Elsword Base Class Magician and reaching up to 15 level, she can choose between the class and the Dark Mage High Mage. Furthermore, it also continues to evolve to higher levels ...

Rena - this is a marksman who prefers a bow and arrow. Having a close relationship with the forces of nature, it has the capacity to enhance the magic attacks. Starting to play the game Elsword Online Ranger base class and reaching up to 15 level, she can choose between a class and Combat Ranger Sniping Ranger. Next, as well as Elsword, Aisha, it continues to evolve to higher levels ...

Online game Elsword is an opportunity for each of the characters to develop their skills and classes. Here tree system skills. For each new level gives 2 skill point, and having a 5-skill points, your character can provide access to a new set of skills. Damage caused by acquired skills, significantly increases from level to level.

This game has in its arsenal, clothing, gear and cosmetic accessories that can use heroes.

Elsword online has many interesting and exciting missions that are in the deepest dungeons. Besides missions your hero will take part in exciting PvP-battles and quest perform tasks that are open as far as character development. However, there is one caveat, some places in the game, you will need to pass several times. It is made specifically for that player would not yet fulfill all the tasks in one location could not go to another. But the rewards for completing the quests here are generous enough.

Your hero can visit any location, but for the passage of special quests he must reach a certain level. Complexity of the task depends on what stage of your hero is passing. More complex missions are issued only after passing simple.

It should be noted that there are well implemented not only realistic sound effects, but also the visual effects. In Elsword will play nice!

At the conclusion of the review, I want to add: the game produces enough good impression thanks to its brilliance. Want to check? Elsword registration will give the opportunity.

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