Alternative names: Elvenar

New game Elvenar has not had time to go into wide use, but has already earned the attention of many thousands of gamers. Large-scale and carefully thought-out game world immediately attracts attention. The eternal confrontation of different races cannot leave anyone indifferent. During the gameplay, you will learn what real responsibility is, because in your hands will be the fate of a whole race of characters. You will have to use ingenuity, logic, dexterity, diplomatic skills and even cunning. In general, the project promises to be very, very interesting.

Start of the game process

At the moment the game is in the testing phase. Soon everyone will be able to fight on the virtual battlefield. In the meantime, only preliminary registration is available at Elvenar. Leave an application for access keys is easy:

  • On the main page - registration form.
  • In the top and only line of it, specify the address of your email inbox.
  • To complete registration, be sure to accept the system usage agreement.

Confirm the address of the box by clicking on the sent link, and wait for the invitation. Before the opening of the official beta test, you can watch the game news in groups on social networks: Google+; Facebook; Twitter; Youtube.

Elvenar online game, so you do not have to install any programs or special clients. You will play directly from the browser. The main thing is to create an account.

Features of the game

Talking about all the features of the gameplay, of course, it will be possible only after its official presentation. But something the developers decided to share with the players. It is already known for sure that it will be possible to play the game Elvenar for representatives of two main races:

  • Elves are amazing magical creatures. They have learned to live in complete harmony with nature and get the most out of it.
  • Rasa people determined and ambitious. Most of the representatives of her hardworking and selfless.

Your main task in Elvenar online is to create a city, expand and improve it. Before choosing a race, please note that the elven buildings are, firstly, very functional, and secondly, refined and elegant. Constructions made by human hands are real works of art (after all, people in engineering understand something). Regardless of the chosen race in the city there should be such buildings:

  • Residential buildings erected from wood and fabrics from elves, and from a powerful stone - from people.
  • V workshops produce important household and interior items, weapons and other necessary goods.
  • В Elvenar to play fully without the town hall is simply impossible. All city values ​​and relics are saved here.
  • We need to give work and artisans who are among the representatives of both races. They can work in the factories of the city.

You have at your disposal - a scale map. You can explore every part of it. If you find any desired resource, you can take it. What is true, you must understand that the game Elvenar is not so simple. Taking everything you need from your neighbors without a fight does not always work. A strong army will greatly simplify this process. In addition, the soldiers are needed to organize the protection of their own territory (do not think that the neighbors will not try to steal anything useful from you!).

The composition of the army for different races is different. In humans, it looks like this:

  • varvar-axman;
  • arbaletchik;
  • paladin;
  • inhabitant;
  • 10000addy hound.

Among the warrior elves you can meet such characters:

  • golema;
  • masters of the sword;
  • artillery;
  • ;
  • sorceress.
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