Empire Universe 2

Alternative names: Empire Universe 2

Game Empire Universe 2 created a browser-based massive online game where you can choose your own path in the galaxy. You will be able to choose from 9 different races with unique features and statistics starting places on the galactic map game Empire Universe II . Collect 10 different resources via mining asteroids and debris, configure 21 different spaceship chassis with over 66 components - this will allow you to have a lot of opportunities for experimentation. With 146 different technologies to research this game can not be won or lost. There is a strong emphasis on allied gameplay Empire Universe 2 online , and why you should join one of the many empires or create your own. Use your warships to fight real-time battles against hundreds of players of the opposing team and troops to act as a last line of defense when all your ships will be destroyed Empire Universe [_2_ ] 2 online .

You can become a scholar, a pirate, a warrior, a merchant and a bounty hunter in the game Empire Universe 2. With more than 120,000 planets in 10,000 sectors in the game is enough room for everyone!

Before playing Empire Universe 2, make sure that your computer meets the system requirements such as: frequency processor - 2GHz , 1GB RAM, Video Card - 128MB. Join in the game Empire Universe II does not take much of your time and easy:

1.                   On the main page, select the item "registration";

2.                   Enter;

3.                   Please enter a valid e-mail;

4.                   Enter a secure password;

5.                   Select "registration" and Empire Universe 2 registration is over.

The game has characteristic features. This is a game that has the world's first 3D space graphics engine, which is used JavaScript. Game Empire Universe II offers battle in real time as well as the online reports of battles, 10 different resources, 21 different spaceship chassis 146 technologies. Spaceships Empire Universe 2 online may be fully assembled from 66 different components. Already built spaceships can be reconstructed or upgraded - commanders affect the strength of the fleet. Strong emphasis game Empire Universe 2 made by unions to promote. Alignment (neutral, explorer, warrior, pirate, trader, bounty hunter) player based on his style of play Empire Universe 2 online .

Players can be grouped into empires, you can organize the fight campaigns, planets can be won.

You'll Empire Universe 2 play and realize that for the first 30 days you can create your planet, start researching to get resources, etc. etc. At this time, your planet will be fully protected, but your fleets can be attacked. After 30 days, the protection Empire Universe 2 online is over, no matter how many points you have.

Game Empire Universe 2 will give you the opportunity to bombard the ships on the surface, which can be attacked by the orbiters. Ships on the planet called reasonable and include ship repair, recovery ships, vessels.

Game Empire Universe II will provide you with a variety of nations. For example, Dzhamozoidy - a nation that lived in symbiosis with themselves and their world. This was shown by the logo that reflects the origin and unity of the people in the game Empire Universe II . Veganiantsy are kind monument will. Their metabolism is significantly different from other breeds Empire Universe 2 online . It is known that people have had to adapt to different climatic conditions as they evolve. For this purpose, people were organized in association trivial Empire Universe 2 online .


On the other nations you can learn more by playing Empire Universe 2 online !

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