Epic Battle Simulator 2

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Epic Battle Simulator 2 is an extremely unusual real-time strategy game. The game has impressive 3d graphics and well-executed voice acting.

Here you have to become a commander and lead large-scale battles.

Epic Battle Simulator 2 will be interesting to play. There are many campaigns waiting for you.

A huge number of battles involving the most incredible combat units.

  • Archers
  • Spearmen
  • War cavalry
  • Throwing weapons
  • Elephants

Warriors from different eras can compete with this game, there are even fighting geese and other characters from fairy tales and ancient legends.

The game is very spectacular. This is not a battle of ten opponents against ten, and not even a hundred against a hundred. Armies of many thousands, in which each warrior fights separately. Thanks to excellent optimization, all the power of the GPU is used to simulate everything that happens. This is what made it possible to realize such large-scale battles in this game.

A handy script editor is built in because the game has a lot of single battles and entire campaigns created by both the game developers and other players. You can even realize your own ideas and share the result with other players around the world.

Everything is limited only by your imagination. It's up to you to decide what kind of battle it will be. A battle with hordes of zombies, a battle of elves or people with orcs, or maybe even battles of animals of different species.

Experiment and see what you get. Perhaps your creation will appeal to many players and become the most popular campaign available in the game.

On the battlefield you have several control modes:

  1. Lead an entire army at once control the battle from a bird's eye view
  2. Take control of a single unit allows you to see what is happening much closer in stunning detail
  3. Control a single warrior plunge into the chaos of combat against the enemy army in the ranks of your army

During the game, you can switch to another control mode at any time and see the battlefield in a completely different way.

The game is constantly evolving and gaining new features as updates are released. At the moment, this is only early access, and by the time the project grows up to release, everything will become even more interesting and definitely even more spectacular.

The game will appeal to people who want to take part in historical battles virtually or just look at battles that could not possibly happen in reality. There are many campaigns, but you should not expect intricate plots from such a game for obvious reasons.

Some battles look quite bloody, because the game is not suitable for impressionable people and children.

Epic Battle Simulator 2 download for free on PC, unfortunately, it won't work. You can purchase the game on the Steam portal or on the official website of the developers. Moreover, by purchasing the game in early access, you support the developers and have the opportunity to purchase their creation at a discount.

Install the game right now and you are guaranteed the rank of general at the head of numerous armies!

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