Eredan iTCG

Alternative names: Eredan iTCG

Game Eredan - new, but already beloved by millions of free browser based card game. She moves the player from reality into an unusual magical world where you can be anyone - a great warrior or wizard trade simple burgher or magician. The game captures literally from the first second, as in a dream world is very exciting. Despite the fact that the game is declared as a card, a variety of moves it is simply amazing. And it helps to provide a world of fantasy and an incredible amount of game moves.

Requirements for the game are very simple:

1.                        Access to the Internet at a speed of not less than 500 k / sec.

2.                        OS - XP, Vista, 7 or similar.

3.                        Memory to at least 1GB.

4.                        Video card and sound card.

5.                        Minimum management skills type solitaire game.

The player will find something for everyone - for example, collecting cards and heroes, trade with other players games, participate in tournaments, games and many games. Eredan iTCG online - more than 700 cards, which will ensure the innumerable combinations. And then - all the mechanics of the game is designed for what you have to look for cards and combining them, and that change

If you decide to engage in collecting, be prepared for the fact that you have to look simple and complex maps, rare and common, and so

Even today, millions of players spend many hours at the card game. And every day there are more and more. In Eredan iTCG registered simple also is free. The only thing that can complicate a bit of it - is the absence of the Russian version. You will need to play a rudimentary knowledge of English.

The game interface is simple, friendly and at the same time intuitive, so there is no work to understand what to do and how. The developers managed to not only create a great game, but at the same time provide input into it in two ways - simply register or enter via Facebook (Facebook).

At the beginning of the game helps settle girl Amnesia. And the training program consists of only three steps. But the authors argue that special attention should be given to the first step. In it into battle against two wolves is a hero. It is here we have to find out what are the questions and how they play. After that, you should deal with the races, because the hero can belong to one of several races - humans, elves, beasts, undead etc. etc. In addition, each character will be tied to the class. In their game, too few - experienced tough warrior, light-fingered marauder wise priest. There is also the guild, who are responsible for specialized skills.

The second phase of training will have to fight with the soldiers. Play Eredan iTCG is also interesting because it always have to play with real heroes, learn from them the art of combat and thus make their own decisions, find a way out of difficult situations.

In Eredan iTCG play can be infinite, since there will not only gather the collection, but also make their own decks, and so a combination of etc. In addition, the game store to buy expensive and valuable maps, quickly pumped hero.


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