Eternal Evolution

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Eternal Evolution is an interesting IDLE RPG for mobile devices. In this game you will see excellent quality graphics in cartoon style. The music is nice and the voice acting of the characters is very realistic.

Before you start playing Eternal Evolution, create a game name for yourself and select an avatar image.

If you play this kind of game for the first time, don't worry, thanks to the clear and concise tutorial at the beginning of the game, you can easily understand everything.

Make your squad the strongest in the magical fantasy world.

  • Complete missions to get new fighters
  • Develop the skills of all members of the squad
  • Become the leader of the arena
  • Join a guild and participate in raids

Incredibly diverse gameplay awaits you.

First of all, it is worth deciding which warriors to make up a squad so that the skills of each of them strengthen and complement the talents of all the others. You definitely need a powerful warrior for the front line capable of withstanding enemy attacks. In addition to him, a magician and an archer are needed to deal an incredible amount of damage from afar, and a unit that will restore the stamina of fighters or weaken opponents.

It depends on the correct selection of the team how much success you can achieve in the game. Then you just have to develop your fighters by gaining experience in battles. Decide which of each unit's unique abilities to develop. Raise the class of heroes, this will give a significant increase in the strength and stamina of the fighters.

A campaign in the game is essentially a more detailed training that allows you to understand what the strengths and weaknesses of the base classes are and to assemble the initial squad.

Next you will find a merciless arena and hundreds or even thousands of battles with squads of other players.

The combat system is simple, your task is to use the special skills of warriors in a timely manner and choose which of the opponents to attack or which of the allies needs support at the moment. It is not necessary to constantly control everything that happens on the battlefield, if you are confident in the superiority of the squad over the enemy, you can turn on the automatic battle mode.

Don't forget to upgrade your weapons and equipment. This can give your fighters an extra edge during battle.

Communicate with other players, choose or create an alliance. Help your allies develop and take part in joint raids.

Don't miss a day. Log in regularly and get daily and weekly login rewards.

Check for updates periodically. The game is constantly updated with new heroes and locations, where valuable finds and new opponents await you.

For your convenience, there is a store in the game where you can purchase the necessary resources, cards of fighters and other useful items both for in-game currency and for real money. The range is updated daily.

You can download

Eternal Evolution for free on Android by clicking on the link on this page.

Start playing now and become the most formidable warrior in the arena!

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