Europe 1400

Alternative names: Europe 1400

Europa 1400 online - a free browser-based game, in which you can create your own dynasty. Here you can be a tricky merchant and respected master, or quirky villain ...

Europe 1400 is available online in any browser and install the game client does not must be mentioned!

To enter the game, you need Register Europe 1400: the registration fields on the home page choose a game server, enter the name of your future dynasty (player name), your e-mail. postal address (e-mail) and password. Then agree to the Terms of games, and in this Registration in Europe 1400 game ends, you go to a new page, you can create an image of the hero. Here you can choose sex of the character, an avatar and assign it a name. Clicking in the tab "Master" can opt for their dynasty emblem and his first workshop, the following areas: Master Cartridge, Scientist and Rogue. Now if you are ready to start the game, click on "Start Game" and get into the playing area!

Your character has six talents: Craft, Eloquence, Darkness, Knowledge magic, Battle and Negotiations. Improve these talents can use artifacts. Maximum level of transportation - 100.

Besides talent, it is possible in the game to choose a profession Alchemist, Farmer, Thief, Priest, robber, owner of the tavern, blacksmith, carpenter, or Weaver.

Online game Europa 1400 offers five locations of the city, which will take place in the main game. They are: District masters, Neighborhood taverns Gangster district, woodland and District scientists. In these locations your character can take the mission (quest tasks).

Initially, your character will need to gather resources or buy them on the market (resources in the game are different, depending on the direction of the studio). With the resources at his workshop you can produce goods, which then can be sold again in the market, and for the money to build several more workshops (you can build 4 workshops) and extend the operating staff.

Important! If you are unhappy with your master, it can be destroyed.

Online game Europe 1400 is a major trading hub for all types of goods, this market. Here you can buy, sell, manage, transport and beg (if there is this need). The game has its own currency - Gold. In addition to gold there are Rubies, which can sell for "real."

Together with the development of his residence (residence can develop through extensions and enhancements), your character will learn talents and types of trade and plan intrigue.

Play online game Europe 1400 can, with their spies, who will monitor the other players, and collect evidence against them.

Europe 1400 online game has such a building as the Town Hall. This is the place where the political life of the city: there are law books review offices and courtroom. Here you can buy the title (it increases your reputation, and are required for certain positions and extensions residences) or make a request for the new building.

Game Europe 1400 Online offers you build economic empire using crafts, becoming a proficient trader and ascend to the political Olympus. Having a simple hut in the game it can be converted into the palace. Everything will depend on your efforts.

Play online game Europe 1400 is possible, through trade with other players directly, through the warehouse. In this case you will still benefit from prices that are independent of the market.

Reaching sufficient influence and wealth, your character can do a political career. The presence of various different positions to give him the privileges and bonuses, allowing to strengthen the impact and crush their competitors.

To play in Europe in 1400, you can join the guild or by creating your own. With the help of the Guild, playing with other players, you can achieve more in the game ...

The game has a three-dimensional graphics, so in Europe in 1400, will play quite nicely!

Since the game is quite a lot of different features that best describe not offered. Best option would be Europe 1400 registration, whereby able to see everything!

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