EverQuest II

Alternative names: EverQuest II

EverQuest II Online - MMORPG with large-scale battles and epic story. Players will once again enjoy startling Norrath, which events unfolded popular EverQuest. But to disasters changed it beyond recognition. Inhabitants are trying to adapt to the new conditions of life and are constantly forced to fight for their existence. Set of hideous monsters thirsting cause you irreparable injury, besides clarifying the relationship between the players, but there is also the need to carry out quests to development has not stopped on the spot - in a word, no peace! Your work in this world is interesting and varied. Quests alone there are about 8000! A more mysterious places which require research, a huge selection of crafts, waiting craftsmen, plus exciting event along with his comrades. Well, if you become a member of the guild, you will be shocked by the imagination of the war between the teams. All this and much more is the meaning of life for residents fabulous virtuality. Join e ver q uest 2 FREE! This way you eliminate boredom from your leisure!

You need to register in the game EverQuest II. Also, make sure the computer in accordance desired configuration. Minimum system requirements are as follows:

- Operating system Windows 2000/XP;

- Pentium IV processor or Athlon XP c 1 GHz;

- RAM 512 MB,

- Graphics ATI Radeon 9000 or GeForce 4 (except Series MX) c 64 MB of video memory;

- DirectX-compatible sound card;

- 7 GB of free hard disk space;

- Online at least 56 kbit / s.

EverQuest 2 registration itself - a simple process. By creating an account, You must fill in the following fields: player name (station name), password, confirm password, email address, country, date of birth. Then tick the confirmation that the acceptance of the Agreement. A subscription to interesting news - automatic. That's all, now you can safely play EverQuest 2, because you official user.

First of all, you create your character. Game EverQuest 2 provides a choice of 24 classes and 16 races. Your hero can be completely unique, the more that you set up his appearance in person. You will also need to decide what would be so useful to do. We are talking about the profession. You can select a merchant, craftsman, personally learn to create different objects, and so § Newbies will simply get comfortable and understand the key points. There is a lovely hint system. In addition, the interface is easy enough, even a teapot it all clear, not that user confidence!

EverQuest II game where it is not necessary to be unsociable and other players. After all, you can share with them valuable items, among them to find like-minded people together cranking out different things. But it does not force! Nobody sucked into their society, if you do not want. The game has a place and a single company. So, think of it as that simple advice. In addition to being useful to enlist the support, do not forget about a decent outfit. Selection of weapons, armor and various potions pleases. But that's not all. To play EverQuest II you must learn the fighting techniques, learn magic spells. Suck your character, make him invincible!

Moving through the levels, you are discovering new facets of gameplay. Over time, the online game EverQuest 2 and provides an opportunity to acquire a mount, and to build your own house. Go ahead to the cherished dream! Do not be afraid of the obstacles that come across on the way! Would not you be able to cope with different there goblins, orcs, dragons and statues come to life?

If you decide to make a subscription, do not postpone it indefinitely. After playing the game EverQuest II sheer delight! Believe me, that will not be sorry! Good luck!

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