EVE: Valkyrie

Alternative names: EVE: Valkyrie
We repeatedly had to catch myself thinking that most of the ideas that seemed once only complex technical visionary, which can only be present in the vast virtual reality, today embodied in reality. Well, take, for example, a robotic vacuum cleaner housewives only dreamed of such a miracle of technology, and today it is sufficient to pay for the miracle needed (rather big, that's true) amount of money, and it will clean your apartment. Or virtual points. Strictly speaking, what we all - Meet EVE: Valkyrie. This game, or rather its predecessor, known for gamers since the exhibition EVE Fanfest, held in 2012. Then the players had the opportunity to test an unusual project, which meant the mandatory use of virtual reality devices Oculus Rift. Immediately after the show gamers literally tortured EVE project developers ask when will the full game. And although today for EVE: Valkyrie release date is still unknown, we, at least, we can be confident that the official presentation of the project did take place. And the release of the highly anticipated game will take place soon enough - for 2014 (longer waiting, as they say). Developers say its genuine surprise. After the game, EVE-VR conceived as a "project for the soul." It has become a kind of experiment group of very talented developers. Experiment so successful that it wants to see the continuation of the whole world. Creators of the game is extremely flattered by the fact that today in EVE: Valkyrie ready to play a few million people, and the project can be rightfully considered one of the most anticipated in 2014! All of the major events of the game take place in a virtual reality EVE, familiar gaming world on projects such as Dust 514, EVE Online. Something more or less concrete our EVE: Valkyrie review could not find - the developers, apparently preparing for a real surprise gamers. It is possible that Valkyrie will be integrated with the already released EVE-projects, and it will be a real breakthrough, a new word in the gaming industry. In the initial stages of development it was that play the game EVE: Valkyrie will be without using the Oculus Rift, but then the creators of the project plans have changed dramatically. Maybe it's for the better! Since today Oculus Rift may only be used as a peripheral device of personal computers, the likelihood that the project will be adapted for consoles, is negligible. Looking for the game EVE: Valkyrie video trailer, the project is impossible not to love. Unfortunately, the gameplay features of descriptive video can not be understood. However tempted gamers the opportunity to play alone in a parallel world to "virtualize" the reality helmet. We can only wait for the latest information, or have the game in the "free floating"!
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