Fable III

Alternative names: Fable III

Pray, who do not know that this game series Fable. Fable 3 game in its time was one of the most anticipated projects, and to this day confidently holds the position, attracting the attention of thousands of players from around the world every day. More by the previous game developers have tried to cover as large an audience of gamers, making management of the game as accessible and understandable (which is why the game and managed to become one of the most popular projects). Now the creators of Fable 3 on pc raised the bar even higher. The substantive changes gameplay the game. In the third part of the gameplay is not possible to demonstrate the trophies passers and the hero will be relieved of the need to collect four different types of experiences. Now there is no majority on the one hand quite useful, but on the other - completely unnecessary indicators. Now the project is no screen equipment, and developers have decided to delete the track log.

Game Fable III has become more rational and plausible. At first glance, an updated interface and gameplay may seem uncomfortable, but do not panic ahead of time - it's all a matter of time and habits. For example, in the third part for the purchase of goods and outfit your character will need to go to the store and go to the right counter, rather than flipping the usual list of products. This nuance gives the game its special charm.

To start the game, you will need to download the Fable 3 traditions. The project implemented an interactive map that allows the hero to explore the different areas, find quests and immediately change direction, adjusting it according to the point of the assignment. Your character will be able to buy property on the cheap, and buy different things at discounted rates, which often offer traders.

Game Fable 3 takes place 50 years after the second part. Now the world is ruled by the son of the last hero Logan, and as the main character will play his younger brother. The older Logan gets, the more autocratic rule and became his relationship with his family, which provokes the protagonist escape. What will happen next? Recommend that you download and Fabliau 3 to learn about everything themselves. As a brief announcement can only add that peacefully here nothing will be solved, and the protagonist embark on a journey, recruiting strangers and urban dwellers in his army resistance. Intriguing, is not it?

As in previous games, the third part Fabliau protagonist can fight using not only strategic decisions and martial arts, but also magic. Traditionally, all the weapons and the armor can be improved and enhanced. In the description of weapons, there are three tasks, the fulfillment of which makes it possible to use some of his super powers.

In order to better visualize the game, you will be able to review for Fable 3 video trailer, showing all of the major benefits of the project.

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