Fable Legends

Alternative names: Fable of the Legend

Fable Legends game based on legends and history.

The Fable Legends game looks completely frivolous, resembling rather a funny fairy tale with elements of the heroic saga. However, this was intended by the authors to make the plot moderately serious, with a bit of humor, but not childish, in the hope that the project in the RPG action genre will entice all age categories.

It is planned that you can download Fable Legends for One Xbox and PC with Windows 10. An open beta test will be held in spring 2016. , and in the same year, Studios Lionhead developer and Microsoft Studios publisher are going to release the game.

The first edition does not abound in locations, and the characters will perform their actions in the main city, but the authors are going to create a whole series with continuations, gradually expanding the map, the composition of the characters and other moments. As for the modes, gamers will be able to choose single-player or cooperative. However, stopping the choice on a single passage, you will not be left alone, there will be a company of characters controlled by a computer.

While the work on the project is in full swing, players try to find out more details about what the developers are preparing for them. Each news is vividly discussed and spreads quickly, and it became known that download Fable Legends will be possible on the model of free-to-play.

The fate of the hero is your destiny.

Events occur in the densely populated world of Albion, in which there is quite an expected situation, when the omnipresent evil prevents the glorious heroes from living peacefully and happily, and good things.

Before the four good guys, only one villain, the leader of goblins and orcs, looms. Yes, the villain is one, but under his control are many aggressive minions, and he actively uses his power, sending his army to the noble warriors to prevent you from fulfilling good intentions.

In addition to the huge green monsters, the leader places traps and manipulates the weather, causing various cataclysms. In general, the heroes will not become bored, and if they do, the main villain will take care of them.

On the good side, do not expect amazing new products, it is represented by a classic set of archetypes:

  • Strashny, protected in the most vulnerable places with armor crossbowman. He says little, but why do we need words if you do a good job well;
  • Shoulder with a heavy magical shield. A wise and faithful friend, covering your back in battle;
  • Cute killer with sophisticated manners. His hands are well-groomed, his movements are graceful, and he effectively puts a couple of daggers in the back of the enemy;
  • A mischievous, funny charmer, able to playfully freeze anyone, and pretend that she has nothing to do with it.

C heroes you will find yourself in a world where magic, legends and history have become one. You are waiting for amazing quests, challenging tasks, strange meetings with interesting characters inhabiting Albion. You yourself define your role as a cunning deceiver, a fearless warrior, a brave mercenary, or a virtue herself.

Your character is worthy of the best, so make sure that he does not need equipment. Choose for him weapons and armor, which can be found in chests, wandering along the roads of the fantastic world:

  • Sharp Sabers
  • Stinging rapiers
  • Shiny steel swords

Their strength and damaging power can be gradually increased, receiving privileges for this after completing missions in Fable Legends on a PC.

System requirements

  • C: 64bit / Windows 10
  • Memory: 6 Gb
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-860 Quad 2. 80GHz, AMD FX-8120
  • Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti, AMD Radeon HD 7850
  • disk space: 15 Gb
  • Sound card with DirectX 11
  • compatibility
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