Factory Town Idle

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Factory Town Idle is a city planning simulator with elements of economic strategy. The game is available on PC. Today Factory Town Idle has already become a classic, but despite this the graphics are beautiful, and you can play even on computers with low performance. The voice acting was done by professionals, and composer Clark Aboud worked on the musical content.

In Factory Town Idle you will build a metropolis. Additional difficulties are created by the fact that players will have to earn money for this on their own.

In the beginning, tips from the game creators will help you understand the controls.

The players will have a lot of work to do next:

  • Build new houses, factories and workshops
  • Take care of logistics, build roads
  • Produce products for sale and engage in trade
  • Distribute resources between different projects
  • Automate production
  • Decorate the city with art objects, install benches and make the streets convenient for the population
  • Exchange unnecessary products for what you need, in other cities
  • Grow agricultural products
  • Unlock new territories

This list contains some of the activities that you will do when you play Factory Town Idle.

You will start with a small village that, with some effort, can be turned into a dream city.

As you play, there will be more tasks and their complexity will increase. Automation of some processes will help cope with this problem. Thus, you will have the opportunity to concentrate your attention on the most important aspects of the city's development.

Studying new technologies will allow you to complete work faster and not pay attention to them in the future.

In order to understand the needs of the settlement at the current moment, you can view detailed statistics. Thanks to this, it is easy to plan the next steps of development

Products produced in your plants and factories can be sold in neighboring cities. Prices vary, take your time and you will find the most generous buyers. If you are looking for resources, by spending time you can find the best price offers.

During the expansion of the city, you will annex many new territories that are different from each other. Each biome has its own unique climate and inhabitants. This brings variety to Factory Town Idle PC and expands the range of products produced.

The developers did not abandon the project immediately after its release. In addition to the base game, many add-ons are available with even more interesting tasks.

Before you start the game, you need to download and install Factory Town Idle, after which you can have a fun time even if your computer is offline.

Factory Town Idle free download is only available as a trial version. If you like it, you can purchase the game on the Steam portal or by visiting the developers’ website, where you will also be able to add all additional content to the game library.

Start playing right now to build the city of your dreams and make all its inhabitants happy!

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