Fairyland: Merge & Magic

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Fairyland: Merge Magic is a puzzle game about merging objects. You will find beautiful graphics in a cartoon style and fun music.

In addition to the main plot, you will see a lot of equally interesting additional quests in the game.

You will have a lot of fun while playing:

  • Explore the world around
  • Merge items and creatures
  • Develop and equip your dragon farm
  • Find new acquaintances during your travels and complete their tasks if you wish
  • Create new castles and other buildings of the most incredible shapes

From the short list, it is not difficult to understand that the game has many interesting activities. There will be something to choose from.

Once you start playing Fairyland: Merge Magic, things may not be clear. Thanks to a short tutorial, you will easily figure out what is happening.

In the vastness of the game world you will meet many different creatures. Among them will be both ordinary animals and people, as well as fairy-tale characters.

  1. Leprechauns
  2. Elves
  3. Unicorns
  4. Fairies
  5. Wizards

And even dragons live in a fantasy game world.

Thanks to the magic of fusion, almost all inhabitants can be combined to get new even more incredible creatures.

There are no limits, make the world the way you want.

Develop your dragon farm. Replenish it with new inhabitants, which magic will help you create.

Get resources to build new buildings on the farm and even real fairy-tale castles. Some of the resources are available immediately, and some you will create yourself by merging various items.

The longer you play, the larger the game world will become. At the beginning it will be a small kingdom, but after that it can grow into a whole universe filled with inhabitants created by you.

Here you will find many interesting puzzle quests, solving which you will get even more opportunities.

As you become more experienced, the difficulty of the tasks will increase, because the game will always be exciting and never get bored.

The main storyline is interesting. The story is addictive and I want to open new chapters as quickly as possible.

The developers have tried to make you want to play every day and therefore in the game every day you will be waiting for generous gifts and new tasks. Every week and month you will receive even more prizes if you remember to check the game regularly.

Themed events are often held for seasonal holidays and other significant days with the opportunity to win rare decor items and decorations. Most of these prizes cannot be obtained at any other time.

Do not forget to update the game. New opportunities are constantly appearing, more items and animals to merge, and the game world is getting even bigger.

For the convenience of players, there is a store, where you can buy a lot of useful things for in-game currency or real money. Offers are updated daily and there are often generous discounts.

Fairyland: Merge Magic free download for Android you can right here by clicking on the link on this page.

Install the game now and build your own unique world full of wonderful inhabitants and magic!

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