Falling Frontier

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Falling Frontier is a game in a genre that does not often please fans with novelties, namely space strategy. The game has such cool graphics that it's even hard to believe, it seems that you are watching a fantastic movie. Music and voice acting are in no way inferior to the image and create an indescribable atmosphere.

Get ready to conquer space by commanding your own station ship.

This is not an easy task, there will be many things to do:

  • Launch probes and exploration ships in search of planets and asteroids containing the required resources
  • Modify and improve the space station entrusted to you
  • Build new scientific or military ships
  • Lead space battles

This is just a short list of things that await you in this game.

There is an interesting plot.

After the colonial wars, during which the warring civilizations suffered very heavy losses, they fell into decay and scattered in the form of islands of civilizations throughout the cosmos.

The most important thing is to provide your fleet with resources and research technologies to build better ships. For long flights, you will need a lot of fuel, in addition, plastic is used in construction, which means that the main resource in the game is oil.

Space exploration will give everything, but it entails many dangers.

It is with the remnants of the armies of former rivals from the time of the colonial warriors that you may encounter during the game.

Sometimes skirmishes with enemy ships can be avoided, but there are times when a fight is unavoidable.

Developers have made the combat mode realistic.

While controlling the fire of your space fleet during battles, keep an eye on the trajectory of fire. Projectiles and rockets that miss their target can hit other objects, such as your ships or station. But even with hits, explosions that occur in close proximity can damage nearby targets.

Combat actions can be overt or covert, such as guerrilla warfare, and even if the enemy is weaker than you, this does not mean at all that he will not be able to defeat your fleet by destroying logistics centers and destroying resources and shipyards.

Your fleet commanders are not robots, but humans, each with their own personality and unique set of characteristics. When appointing them to lead a particular mission, consider whether they are suitable for this task.

The game universe is generated anew every time, so if you want to play the game again, everything will be completely different.

In addition to the main company, you can play scenarios created by other players from all over the world. Alternatively, you can create your own script and share it with the community. It will not be difficult to do this thanks to the built-in toolkit that will help you create modifications without making too much effort for this.

The game was released not so long ago and is not forgotten by the developers. Receives regular updates with new features, additional content, and minor bug fixes.

Falling Frontier download for free on PC, unfortunately, will not work. You can purchase the game on the Steam marketplace or on the official website.

Start playing Falling Frontier now and conquer the entire galaxy to your will!

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