Alternative names: Fantasy Frame

FantasyRama - fabulous browser strategy game. Created mostly for girls. Because it has no violence and hadkornogo plot with a sea of ​​blood. FantasyRama game full of fantastic characters. They wait, when there will be one by which their world flourish, they will appear again the joy, and will never be sad.

Before the game should look at the system requirements FantasyRama online:

• average PC settings;

• connection to the Internet.

At this stage, you can go to you in the game design. FantasyRama Registration is easy, just check the accuracy of this data:

1. visit the official game site FantasyRama;

2. enter your login consisting of not less than four letters or numbers;

3. think of and write down your password, which allowed four to forty-five letters or numbers;

4. repeat previously specified password, and do not forget it, because he still need to log on the game;

5. enter your valid e-mail address;

6. select the day, month and year of your birth;

7. if you agree to the terms and conditions privacy policy - tick;

8. if you agree to receive interesting news-tick;

9. tap "play for free now."

You find yourself in a fairy tale world. The situation here is: a miracle in this country is the mighty Tree of Life, and with him in trouble. It is sad, it is not enough love and attention. And yet people cease to dream, fantasize. And with your help, he will come to life. You only need to be dreamy, kind, friendly and ever play the game.

Before you open an original farm fantastic, most unseen colors.

Your task is to grow your farm full of flowers, and raise elves fairies. There is a standard process - constant watering, fertilizing, crossing, harvesting, and of course various monetary functions.

In the game you will meet Nala fairies, who will introduce you to his farm.

Play FantasyRama one pleasure thing to follow the process of increasing your wards. And in the end the great tree constantly in bloom, bursting reserves of wealth upon the number of your hard lunar crystals, and the magic never ceases to dwell in this mystical world, all of its inhabitants.

In FantasyRama play a very entertaining and not seen as time passes. But you will experience only positive feelings that come from elves, fairies and all the wondrous creatures of this planet.

On the screen in front of you will be presented with all the necessary functions, in which case there are clues everywhere. This game does not need such a serious approach, as other games, here you can relax and enjoy the atmosphere.


FantasyRama online lures its pleasant and high-quality graphics, vivid characters and the surroundings pleasant, melodic melody in the background. All this helps to relax, spend a relaxation session. Importantly do not offend local creatures.

Girls do not play for time, start the game. Good luck!

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