Far Cry 6

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Far Cry 6 a beautiful action RPG. You will definitely not have any complaints about the graphics, they are beautiful here, the characters are voiced very believably and the music is chosen with taste.

The game has an interesting plot, which, unfortunately, is not always necessary in modern games.

You have to become a real revolutionary in this game and fight the dictatorship in the state called Yaru. Your character's name is Denis Rojas and he was born and lives in this country.

To fight the criminal regime you will need:

  • Fight numerous enemies in a variety of environments
  • Upgrade equipment and develop combat skills
  • Find loyal companions to help you in the fight
  • Complete additional tasks to gain experience

The list is actually much longer, start playing Far Cry 6 to find out everything.

The island state that the game will take you to would be a real tropical paradise if it were not for the regime of the dictator Anton Castillo and his son Diego.

Incredibly beautiful landscapes are reflected by a huge amount of cruelty in this game.

Become a liberator for your people oppressed by a tyrant psychopath.

Unfortunately, not everything in the world can be solved through peaceful dialogue and diplomacy, sometimes you can't do without the use of force, and this is just such a case.

The combat system in the game is advanced. You can combine hand-to-hand combat with firearms and melee weapons. The battles look very impressive.

Arsenal of weapons is huge. In total, the game has more than a hundred different types of weapons, you will have plenty to choose from. Ammunition is also important and, in order to become less vulnerable to enemy attacks, you need to constantly improve equipment and replace it with new ones as soon as you find a suitable replacement.

It will be very difficult for you alone to cope with all the trials that have fallen to the lot of the revolutionary. Numerous amigo companions will help you in the fight, among which there will be a funny dog named Chorizo and even more exotic friend, Guapo the crocodile.

You will have to fight the dictatorship in various locations, these are jungles, sandy beaches, small provincial villages and even large cities. To move around all these locations, you will need transport. Travel on boats, jet skis, horses, cars and other types of vehicles. Hiking also does not interfere, although this is a slower way to travel, but for that it is best to admire tropical landscapes and you can meet many interesting characters.

The developers are friendly to the players. A lot of content appeared after the release of the game. These are 4 additional special operations, crossover missions inspired by popular films. In addition, an ultra-high level of difficulty for those who like the tougher mode.

Play Far Cry 6 alone or online with millions of players around the world.

Far Cry 6 download for free on PC, it will not work, unfortunately. You can buy the game on the official website or on the Steam portal.

Start playing now and free the population of an entire country from tyranny!

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