Alternative names: FAR7

FAR 7 online - addictive browser- MMORPG fiction genre game, which the unfolding events in the cosmos. History says that the Earth long ago died. There was nothing left that was so familiar to people. And now they have to get used to the unfamiliar latitudes frightening its grandeur of the cosmos. This will take you into a world where, thanks to modern engine HTML5, Canvas and SVG planets revolve, the stars twinkle mysterious light and frisky spaceships travel through the unusual universe. You sit behind the steering wheel of your own spaceship and go out for an adventure. Look forward to amaze fights, invigorating music, unforgettable flights in real-time, exciting missions, the ability to trade and more. Everyone who starts playing FAR7 pretty quickly discovers that he could not break away from the tightening of gameplay. Step back into the virtual world, living by the rules, and do great things!

Become a full member of the space community will FAR7 registration. You will be able to enter the game from any convenient social network. If you have a page VKontakte on Facebook or Twitter, there are no problems. If not, how much work you need to create an account by writing the e-mail address, user name and password?

System requirements are not too high, so the game is available for PC owners Far7 with average parameters. Note, however, that does need a modern. For example, Firefox, Chrome or Safari. After all, the project uses the latest web technology.

Let's take a closer look at what is a game FAR7. It's really a huge universe where there is always room for heroism. It is a space where you will meet fellow reliable and able to measure themselves against worthy opponents. This sector is in deep space, where occur both ups downs. Most importantly - always maintain optimism and faith for the future. Beginning FAR 7 play, you will find that in this world constantly weave. There is a bunch of enemies and hunters who dream to destroy you. In order not to be alone with their problems can join the clan. Moving from one planet to another, you'll find like-minded people everywhere. Naturally, if you feel strong enough, no one stops to save the planet alone. But anyone who tries to fight as part of a huge fleet, fighting the same appreciate the advantages of this style of play.

The main resource is the ore. Because of her repeatedly conflicts. Ore can win or steal, and simply produce or buy in good faith. By the way, if you feel that a valuable resource and you have enough, and can sell part. What else would be interesting to do, so it's research and inventions. And the creators offer a lot of puzzles that will satisfy even the seasoned user. Here, everyone chooses what he liked most. So gamers can enjoy the possibility of free choice.

Guys from Minsk, sowing in his studio, worked on glory. Users got the original design, which not only brings in the future, and allows you to break the fullest. Fight pirates, robots, alien beings, participate in group fights and do not be afraid to call those who you do not like a duel. Go for it! Ahead dizzying victory!


Start playing FAR7 free now and forever you will forget what idleness at your leisure! Appreciate this revolutionary project on their own experience. It's safe to say that disappointment is not threatened. We can only wish you good luck and a pleasant stay!

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