Far Cry 3

Alternative names: Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 - a computer game in the genre of open-world FPS with elements of RPG. Far Cry 3 game involves a journey of survival on the island, a tropical paradise on Earth, Hand Island. Game delighted its fans access to the not to distant 2012. This is the third part of such an interesting history of the games Far Cry. But is not a sequel, because it has nothing to do with the previous parts, except that the action is happening in all the games on the islands, in the jungle. The game gained popularity, may not such as its predecessor. Your hero will not only confront the enemies. In general play stands.

Hurry to visit the site and download Far Cry 3. and before it has not forget to read up the review and watch the video - reviews. And then you can download the game and Far Cry 3.

Play Far Cry 3 awake on the island, which came to rest with his brothers and friends. But not successfully get into the hands of the rebellious tribe local pirates.

When you escape with his brother, you manage to escape, and your brother dies. And you run into pirates who opposes organization - local resistance.

As a result, we obtain the following in-game characters:

• Jason Brody,

• Waas Montenegro;

• Grant Brodie;

• Dennis Rogers;

• Lisa Snow;

• Oliver Carswell;

• Keith Ramsey;

• Daisy Lee;

• Riley Brodie;

• Sam Baker.

Jason Brody - the game's protagonist. Not really aware of what is capable in battle.

Waas Montenegro - leading a gang of pirates, very cruel.

Grant Brodie - you have an older brother Jason. Waas kills him.

Dennis Rogers - the leader of the uprising, becomes friend of Jason.

Lisa Snow - beloved Jason. Fate depends on your choice, the game ends.

Oliver Carswell - a friend of the protagonist.

Keith Ramsey - friend Jason.

Daisy Lee - girl Granda.

Riley Brodie - you have a younger brother to the protagonist.

Sam Baker - familiar with the spy game and becomes a companion for Jason.

As a result, Far Cry 3 missions that will arise in your way will be linked to the achievement of the main goal - the liberation of the island from pirates to help resist.

And I've given you to help Far Cry 3 weapons in the amount of about 39 species. It is powerful enough to defend the island.

In the game Far Cry 3 can play in several modes: single-player, multiplayer and co-op. Cooperative provides you and your three other comrades to perform certain missions. A respectively multiplayer mode involves teams of heroes also related to the network.

There is also foreseen, at your discretion, two ways of development of events in the end of the game. Lives depend on many characters.

Game Far Cry 3 pleases excellent graphics for better overeating reality events. And music thinned completes the overall picture of events in the game.

Residents of the island had to be helped, because you yourself feel the hatred and violence towards people pirates. Only you and your comrades and there is not enough. Hurry up to join the flow of events.

Successful gameplay! Thank you for your attention!

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