Farm Town: Happy village near small city and town

Alternative names: Farm Town: Happy village near small city and town

Classic game Farm and the City: a farm near the city - a good farm.

We offer a cheerful and colorful project foranj Farm and the City: a farm near the city is a good farm. This casual game on Android will always be next to you so you can look to Margaret and Peter any minute and help them with a new task. You will find a fascinating process of caring for the farm. Funny little animals, rich crops, fragrant flowers and always hospitable friends, to which you can look at guests. To become part of a happy family, it's time Ferma and the City: a farm near the city - a good farm to download, because it's completely free. And if you want to speed up some process, it is possible to buy for real money. In the event that your phone does not have enough space for new fun, you can download Farm and the City: a farm near the city - on a farm on a computer. Now you do not have any barriers to start working on the bed.

Let's go to the garden.

One pressing of a finger on the monitor you collect a rich harvest of ripe wheat, corn, apples, all kinds of berries, vegetables and fruits, eggs and milk. Plant luxurious roses, sow amazing flowers on the flower beds, plant chickens, lambs, pigs, cows and other animals.

Game Farm and City: a farm near the city - for a good farm, this is:

As the main script periodically updates, players are never bored with the gameplay.

  • Bright 3D graphics
  • Communication with players
  • Diversity of plants, animals and possibilities
  • Brozen crops
  • Trading in the market
  • Construction of buildings and their improvement

Thus, it is necessary to carry out different tasks in order to get useful gifts for it.

Subject Ferma and the City: a farm near the city - at the farmyard game connects the countryside with a metropolis. To make the residents of the city feel happy, they need delicious and fresh products. Who will refuse the milk of milk, a fragrant strawberry or a sweet carrot? But not only the source products are famous for the villages. If you once tried, how tasty is the apple pie from the oven, it's never forgotten. As you guessed, you will not only have to grow crops, but also turn them into finished products. That's just for this you will need money as an initial capital. Gradually, there will be accessible buildings for baking bread, beating up butter, cooking cheese and others.

Thus, the needs of the townspeople will increase, and you will have to produce more goods. To do this, break up new beds and improve your factories and factories so that they work faster and more productively. Warehouse, where goods are delivered, also need to be constantly expanded, but if there is absolutely no room left, see what has lain on shelves for a long time without need or that has accumulated in excess. It's time to put things in order, sending the excess to the market, where it is just someone you need, and you will receive income from the sale. If you manage to bring all the industries to the maximum level, form a trading network, provide residents of the metropolis necessary and find friends among the players, you will achieve the main goal of the title of the mayor of Farm Town.

Game Farm players like players of different ages, starting from 3 years old. It is understandable, beautiful, developing. In case of difficulties, you can always contact the developer for help, and the problem will be solved. Similarly, the company takes into account the wishes of the players that they want to change, supplement, improve. With such support, you have many exciting hours ahead of one of the best farm toys. It's time to start playing!

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