Alternative names: Farmerama

Farmerama online - is a browser online game that draws its bright, colorful characters and horizons. Here you can spend your free time outdoors, taking care of the country house and farm ... Online game Farmerama gives the opportunity to learn to manage the household, not applying to this maximum number of forces.

This exciting game does not need to install the game client, and is accessible from any browser. All you need to start the game, it Farmerama online registration.

Onlan Farmerama game offers two ways to register:

1. Directly from the site. On the home page, there is a registration fields where you want to enter the name (first name), password, e-mail, enter your birth date and to agree to the Rules of the game. Registration on this game Farmerama is finished, you can begin to gameplay.

2. Through a social network. If you have registered an account on Facebook, it can be used as a game account registration: Facebook by clicking the icon in the registration form on the home page, the window opens, where will be asked to consent to access to your account, consent, enter your username and Join this Farmerama using Facebook over. Now you can play online in Farmerama!

For those who have not decided yet, it is worth it to register your account or not, the game Farmerama online game offers a free trial where you can try yourself as a future farmer, after the end of the trial period, followed by a proposal for registration. So determined!

Going into the game the first time, an NPC (owl) will give the first few jobs. Will need to harvest, then do sowing, there is still some amusing, but instructive tasks. But ... this is just the beginning. Next, you will play the game Farmerama online, doing different planting trees, vegetables and crops, engage in harvesting, grow and feed the animals, care and watering their land.

When will a certain level, the game Farmerama allow to participate in the competition for the best garden tools, as well as in many other competitions. You can also put your garden for all to see and learn what others think about him players.

Do Farmerama online game has its own currency - and tyulpesso zelepenni. Thanks to you, you can conduct transactions.

Farmerama online game has levels of farm development that modern rise, thanks to the experience awarded for planting and picking crops. With each new level are available to new plants and new animals. So in Farmerama will play anything but boring!

Play Farmerama can be courting neighboring meadows, of course not for free. This work will be paid.

Play online game Farmerama can not just sitting at home, but also in other convenient place, such as an office or sitting in a cozy establishment (with Internet access).

But why talk a lot about how to play Farmerama good, better at least try once!

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