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Farming Life is a very nice farming simulation game, it has everything to be one of the most interesting games of this genre. The game has excellent graphics and unobtrusive music. The pastoral picture of village life evokes peace and at the same time the game has a rather exciting economic component.

At the very beginning of the game, you will meet Sam and Linda. They own a small farm in the suburbs. Things are not going well on their farm. They need your wise guidance to get things right. A lot of things await you in the game, you will definitely have something to do:

  • Cut trees to clear land for fields.
  • Planting and harvesting fruit trees.
  • Acquisition of necessary equipment.
  • Build houses for workers, hangars where you will place agricultural equipment, sheds and even mills.
  • Product trade in the city market.
  • Breeding bees and collecting honey.

And this is not the whole list of cases, only the main ones, below you can find out more about this.

As you understand, a difficult path awaits you from a small farm to a prosperous enterprise. Over time, you will be able to open your own production of various products, such as a factory that produces hot sauces, a bakery and much more. Get a new truck, where you can deliver products. Dozens of different tractors and combines to perform various jobs on the farm. You can even open your own cafe in a small town nearby. By participating in the city competition, get the opportunity to acquire new sites if you manage to win. When clearing an area of unwanted trees, pay attention to whether they are fruit trees, it may be wiser to leave them and pick fruit.

At the labor exchange, select workers for the farm. Carefully study what skills they have and how much they want to earn. You need to be smart about this business, since you will pay them from the income of the farm. When you play Farming Life, in addition to the usual development of the farm and trade, you will have to complete a variety of quests and satisfy the needs of local residents. This will help you find the right way to expand your farm and allow you to earn money and resources. As in real life, hordes of pests will encroach on your farm. You need to deal with them in a timely manner, otherwise they can cause significant damage to your company. Each field and barn needs to be built with driveways that vehicles can drive through. Don't forget to route them.

The game has a laid-back relaxed atmosphere, no need to rush anywhere, the choice of decor elements will keep you busy for a long time, and the cat and dog will be entertained.

Farming Life download for free will not work, unfortunately. The game can be purchased on the Steam playground or on the official website. In addition to the game itself, quite a few additions to it are available, so you will have something to do for a long time while relaxing in your free time. Start building a farm right now, the pleasant atmosphere of a calm suburb and unobtrusive chores are waiting for you!

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