Farming Simulator 14

Alternative names: Farming Simulator 14

Game Farming Simulator 14 for the natural farmers.

Today it is difficult to surprise anyone with such a game direction as a farm. This topic, it would seem, has long been played on all sides, and nothing new can be expected from it. But only for the time being, while Farming Simulator 14, whose development was occupied by GIANTS Software, will not catch sight. Nowhere else will you find such a variety of agricultural machinery (14 titles), as here. All this will not only have to learn how to manage, but also remember what each machine is designed for. There are tractors, trailers, cultivators, seeders, harvesters, fertilizer sprayers, mowers, composting tanks and many more.

To start, you need Farming Simulator 14 to download to your phone or tablet, and carefully take the training. Although the toy is distributed free of charge, and progress can be achieved without investing additional capital, there is also paid content. Prices start from 90 cents. Also there is a possibility to download Farming Simulator 14 on the computer, and then everything happening on the big screen will be seen in all the details. However, even on a small screen of a mobile device you will not experience inconveniences, so the developer has all been well thought out.

Set screen and other features.

To begin to remember what the graphic images mean on the monitor. They serve to perform different commands and actions, and they are easy to understand. The store where goods are sold and bought is shown as a basket in the top line. The numbers next to this is your checking account. Next is the percentage of stock, fuel level and icon of the menu. On the right, a large scale indicates the speed of the machine. To the left you can see the map of the farm. In the bottom line, the icon shows the type of the selected technique that you are currently controlling, and by clicking on it, the unit changes. The last are the action buttons.

Game Farming Simulator 14 has prepared for players:

  • Mass of fun with colorful 3D graphics
  • Communications with other players
  • Development of own farm
  • Achievement of new heights through hard work

Each item has many branches. For example, the development of the economy means working in the field (sowing and harvesting different crops using a variety of techniques), caring for livestock and machinery, hiring workers. But these moments also have a lot of small nuances, it is necessary to sort out which ones gradually. Over time, you will have new buildings, where there will be cowsheds, haylofts, railway stations, mills, a store, refueling and other areas. Farming Simulator 14 game as closely as possible recreated the real living conditions of the farmer. And let the crops ripen faster than usual, events require careful approach and do not tolerate haste.

To send the tractor in the field, first you need to bring it to the right trailer, make sure that the tank was full of fuel. If there is a lack of fuel, go to the gas station, and only then on the field. You should learn how to manage it to keep the line clearly and not crash into obstacles. Also, the Farming Simulator game 14 allows you to hire workers, and while they are carrying out your assignment (sowing, plowing, harvesting), you pay attention to other matters.

In the beginning, there will be two fields on one crop ready for harvesting, and on the other only it is sown. Game fs 14 offers to choose one of the types of grain: wheat, rapeseed or corn cob. Here you want to give advice to leave the corn until the time you stand up, because for its processing requires special equipment, and money is still useful for more pressing matters.

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