Alternative names: Farmtastic

Game Farmtastic - this is an interesting browser-based game, which is based on the principle of the simulator.

Farmtastic online - this is one of the many games of the farm, where you have to deal with not only agriculture, but also in other activities.

In Farmtastic registration is not a difficult step, after which you start playing Farmtastic. To register you must do the following:

1. Find game site Farmtastic.

2. Left on the main page you will see the registration form. Two sub form select « Register ».

3. Write your user name.

4. Enter your e-mail address.

5. Write the password for the game. Try to make your password as reliable as possible.

6. Important! When registering you agree to all the rules of the game.

7. Click on the « Register » ..

Play Farmtastic You will be through an Internet browser. Therefore, before signing up you need a good internet address the issue: check the speed of the Internet, it is desirable that was 100 mega bits per second.

In Farmtastic play you will, when faced with a variety of events in the game. As a farmer you must care for the earth and your home, animals, and perform various tasks one after the other.

In the simulation you are free Farmtastic buy different products. First, you will have a small plot of land, which you have to take care of. You will need to milk the cows, digging in the dirt, to harvest - it's all part of everyday life. The work you do every day.

As a professional farmer you need to turn your yard into a small farm impressive. Using a large amount of effort, you will soon get a raise and complete all the necessary work on the farm. In addition, you must keep track of their animals and birds on the farm. In your work schedule, of course, is also milking cows, because customers do not just want freshly picked vegetables, but also fresh milk from happy cows. On a farm in Farmtastic there are countless tasks. You can sow millet, and then grind it into flour and sell.

The farm Farmtastic presented colorful graphics. You have to prove your skills in working with animals, and pay attention to the fact that all of your plants thrive - all in a cartoon style. Only after doing a huge number of jobs you can get a good harvest. You will learn a variety of tasks that await you on your farm Farmtastic. You will need to engage in investment on the farm.

Farmtastic online you can focus on your business, develop and improve their territory.

A lot of time must be given to planting vegetables and fruits, as well as harvesting.

You can buy a variety of buildings and to produce goods for sale.

Farmtastic online undoubtedly like how all the growns and children alike. Sign up in the game and did his little plantation.

Turn your small possessions in a huge prosperous farm. Surprise of all their experience and achievements in the game.

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