FarmVille 2

Alternative names: FarmVille 2 Rural seclusion, FarmVille 2,

On the best game FarmVille 2 Ciel solitude.

Company Zynga presents FarmVille 2 Rural solitude is a mobile game in the genre of a farm that will appeal to all fans of the direction. First of all, it attracts animated graphics, but this is not its only merit. Even if you do not have the Internet, you can still water the beds and take care of animals, build buildings and accumulate resources. It's true that communication is indispensable, because it allows you to communicate with other players, create alliances with them, and carry out assignments. If you connect to the community on Facebook, there will also be privileges, and the first one will receive gold keys, which you can not do without.

Million gamers recommend FarmVille 2 Rural solitude to download, because this is really an exciting game. Install it and play it is completely free, but paid content will not come as a surprise. For those who prefer accelerated passage, you can not do without purchases. If you like to prove that everything can be handled on your own, you will not have to invest money. Another great news you can download FarmVille 2 Village solitude on the computer. At the same time, it becomes possible to build the property immediately on two sources in the phone and the PC, comparing personal success.

What the game has prepared.

The filling of the toy is quite familiar, so you will quickly figure it all out:

  • Allow the new levels
  • Game FarmVille 2 Rural seclusion develops on a separate piece of land, and therefore everything is nearby in one location.

    • Leather on crop beds
    • Sprouting and harvesting
    • Have and care for animals
    • Use the Wheel of Fortune and win prizes
    • Get and execute orders
    • Build and Improve Buildings
    • Expand the territory
    • At the very beginning you will meet the girl Masha, in order to teach the beginners the wisdom of the game process. To be easier to learn, at first the farm is very small.

      You can easily follow all the processes that take place watering beds and trees, harvesting, feeding and milking cows, producing affordable goods. To do this, build different buildings (a mill, a bakery, a butter mill, a cheese factory and many others). The higher the level reached, the greater the assortment of objects, plants and animals will open. Everything you produce goes to a large barn. As it is filled, it will have to be increased, and for this you need the keys. However, they are needed everywhere, so this is the most valuable item is a real golden key.

      Do not forget to look at the board near the barn, where orders for the delivery of certain types of products hang. If you have them in the right amount, click to execute. So you earn coins and free up space in the warehouse for new receipts. You yourself will be surprised at what beautiful farm your lands are turning into. The gardens bloom and bear fruit, the fields are pricked with bulk grain, potatoes, tomatoes and cucumbers, bends under their own weight of corn, branches of trees bend from a rich harvest of apples, pears, plums, peaches. Then there are factories where delicious pies with different fillings are baked, cheese ripens, butter and other products are beaten up.

      FarmVille 2 Rural seclusion game will be your favorite fun, which is always there, it is worth including a phone or a computer. Every day more and more achievements, and updates will bring pleasant surprises. Here celebrate holidays (New Year, Christmas, Easter, Halloween and others), discuss events, participate in competitions and win valuable prizes.

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