Alternative names: FIFA 10

FIFA 10 game, which gained success with many users. This game belongs to a class of computer games about football.

Download FIFA 10 you can play only if you are an grown Internet user. Download game FIFA 10 you have the opportunity on the official website of the game or any other, that provides such access.

Download Fifa 10, you can use a torrent file, but for this you must first install the software onto the computer.

Before you download the game FIFA 10 on your computer, you are advised to watch a video about the game. With it, you can learn a lot of useful information about the game world of FIFA 10.


Game Fifa 10predstavlena in several modes: single player and multiplayer, online.

Fifa 10 Composition varied. In the game FIFA 10 a lot of them

  1. Australia.
  2. Austria.
  3. England.
  4. Argentina.
  5. Belgium.
  6. Bulgaria.
  7. Brazil.
  8. Hungary.
  9. Germany.
  10. Greece.
  11. Denmark.
  12. Ireland.
  13. Spain.
  14. Italy.
  15. Cameroon.
  16. China.
  17. Mexico.
  18. Netherlands.
  19. New Zealand.
  20. Norway.
  21. Paraguay.
  22. Poland.
  23. Portugal.
  24. Russia.
  25. Romania.
  26. Northern Ireland.
  27. Slovenia.
  28. United States of America.
  29. Turkey.
  30. Ukraine.
  31. Uruguay.
  32. Finland.
  33. France.
  34. Croatia.
  35. Czech Republic.
  36. Switzerland.
  37. Sweden.
  38. Scotland.
  39. Ecuador.
  40. South Africa.
  41. Republic of Korea.
  42. Niger.


Play Fifa 10 you'll be in a certain league or country. In this game you will meet with the following leagues:

  1. A-League.
  2. Austrian Bundesliga.
  3. Belgian Pro League.
  4. Serie A.
  5. Gambrinus Liga.
  6. Superleague.
  7. English Premier League.
  8. Football League.
  9. League.
  10. League.
  11. Ligue 1.
  12. League 2.
  13. Bundesliga.
  14. 2 Bundesliga.
  15. Eirkom FAI League.
  16. Serie A.
  17. Series B.
  18. Korea K-League.
  19. Primera Division.
  20. Eredivisie.
  21. Tippeligaen.
  22. Polish League.
  23. Portuguese Liga.
  24. CPF.
  25. Liga BBVA.
  26. Liga Adelante.
  27. Allsvenskan.
  28. Swiss Super League.
  29. Turkcell Super League.
  30. Major League Soccer.
  31. Rosgosstrakh Russian Championship.



Game Fifa 10 has features. Very much in this game has been changed. For a start has been enhanced accuracy of ball control, and improved interaction between players.

Actions on the field have become more realistic. Effectively analyze the situation when attacking players in the game. All users try to calculate their movements, in order to avoid a situation "out of the game."

In order to successfully play the game Fifa 10 you need to choose the most comfortable position to carry out the transfer, as well as to consider different options for their attacks.

When you play in the defense you will get acquainted with the new system priority positions that will allow your defenders to identify hazardous areas not covered by the other players. Here you will find improved mechanics rolled.

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