Fifa 13

Alternative names: Fifa 13, Fifa 2013, Fifa 2013

Processor: Core 2 Duo / Athlon X2 1. 8 GHz and above

RAM: 2 GB and above

Video: 256 MB of memory and up

Free disk space: 8 GB.



Game FIFA 13 - the latest released version of the popular series of sports simulations and each year the developers are trying to bring to their new child some changes, without losing the general spirit of the series. Was no exception to the rule and Fifa 13. The main part of FIFA 13, pc version does not differ from the console counterparts, it is sometimes err on the development of EA Sports, touched refinement of artificial intelligence and physics engine unique Impact Engine.


Attack and Defense


That humanization of virtual football players, which affected not only the appearance but also the psychological aspects of the game and pushes many fans of the show go to the store to buy FIFA 13. During the attack the players in FIFA 13 is no longer resemble robots and quite capable of making mistakes in the programs, or vice versa, to show leadership qualities. Thinking and more natural players - this is the main and most serious difference that has the game FIFA 13 from its peers and direct competitors. The same changes were made and actions defenders in FIFA 13, which will play much "humanity", losing concentration and allowing more errors during prolonged ability to press the enemy. Concentration and strength of your defensive players will need to keep using the frequent incursions into the camp of the enemy, to give them some respite.


Dribbling and dribbling


Astounding complex feints and deceptive motion - the most colorful part of football and it would be surprising if the game FIFA 13 did not reflect this aspect of the game number one. Manage feints in the latter part of the game has become much more diverse and easier to implement, and even FIFA 13, pc-version of which was never known ease of operation without the use of deceptive maneuvers gamepad, this component has become much more democratic. Now the game FIFA 13 offers all the possibilities for you when you dribbling two designated key combination which other controls, and will be displayed on the field at your feet fielder as strokes. Simpler and more accessible system will be very difficult to come up with.


Control of the ball


Another important detail that just makes going to the store to buy FIFA 13, is the realization of marriage at the first touch of the ball. Now there is a point where absolutely any player on the field equally well drawn with a round of sporting equipment. The lower the technical indicators of possession, the longer it takes to receive and process the ball player, the cup he will make mistakes when receiving. It is this feature can be most effectively used while setting his team's defensive actions, the most densely playing with player receiving the ball, causing it to prevent forced errors.


Impact Engine


Serious innovation, making FIFA 13, a game in which it becomes much more pleasant even from an aesthetic point of view, makes a physics engine and revised Impact Engine. With its help, every player has the features of motion, running, jumping and selection. In contact with other players, whether power struggle or clash, players will behave quite differently, depending on the situation and the characteristics of each game player. All movements worked with remarkable care and detail that sometimes gets the impression watching real football match.

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