Alternative names: FIFA 14

Game FIFA 14 - a sports simulator football related, requiring the application of tactics. Project from the creator of a series of games - of EA Canada. In comparison with the predecessor game Fifa 14 has a number of distinct advantages. Focus of the game is on teamwork, and the use of tactics. The advantages of the project are excellent ball physics and realistic strokes, speed dribbling, and different techniques of dribbling, too, the opportunity to perform twists passes, full authenticity control of the situation during the game, and the rapid development in terms of career growth. Your opponents have intelligence, so the battle really interesting and rich. Throughout the mast is an emotional strain and from each victory is even sweeter. Also, being a part of FIFA 14 leagues, you can discuss experiences with the same football-mad nick, to interact with peers, expressing his opinion on any matter. The presence of a social component makes gameplay is pretty fun, because you do not feel cut off from the world, but on the contrary - feel that you are in the midst of the hottest events. If you like games of similar subjects, you should definitely download FIFA 14, to plunge into the atmosphere of a great sport, thus brighten the long evenings of interesting activities.

Low system requirements allow you to download Fifa 14 all comers. Once install the game on your PC, can immediately get down to business. You should strive to build a career, and this contributes to each new victory. Means that the more matches, the better your chances. Just want to say that FIFA 14 is available to play in different modes. New is the only one. This seasons playing together. The idea is that you combine their efforts with a friend and fight against the same opponents duo. Other modes you should be familiar with the previous games. Choose any that will be like: online seasons, quick matches with AI, the offline career coach and player friendlies. In addition to participating in the games are coming grueling, but in his own interesting workout. It was during the training you'll hone new skills. Without this just will not do. And another nice moment. Installing FIFA 14 on PC, you can develop and improve its network of scouts. Tempting offer, is not it?

And yet, before you start in full force to play Fifa 14, you should understand some of the elements. You must be aware of their capabilities. Due to the fact that the developers have worked on a number of improvements, FIFA 14 pc allows the following: curling the ball, hitting the distance, a low-flying ball that confuses goalkeeper kicks for "collar." And also you can use combination play and successfully outplay opponents position. Since players can now change the width of the pitch and choose the approach angle of the ball, the game gets really windfall from realistic. Think over every step, knowing that distorted trajectory of the ball will not fail here because it corresponds to the real physics of flight. Come quickly in Fifa 14 teams and get pleasure from the gameplay. Good luck!

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