Fiona's Farm

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Fiona's Farm farm where you have to not only harvest, but also go through many adventures with the main character. The game is available on Android mobile devices. Enjoy colorful graphics and excellent voice acting.

Unlike most farms, the plot here is interesting, filled with unexpected events. Thanks to this, the game is addictive, because it is interesting to find out what will happen next.

The main character's name is Fiona, this is easy to guess from the name of the game. She is not a very experienced farmer and you have to help her run the farm. She won't be able to do it without your help.

  • Clear the area and sow the fields
  • Build workshops
  • Renovate and expand the house
  • Decorate your home and yard with art
  • Get pets and birds
  • Trade the products produced by the farm
  • Explore the area

This is not a complete list of what you have to do.

Playing Fiona's Farm will be easy thanks to the intuitive controls and tips that the developers have provided the game.

Clearing the area, as well as cutting a path in the thickets surrounding the farm from all sides, takes strength. You can't travel without breaks.

While Fiona gains strength and accumulates energy, you will have the opportunity to pay attention to the daily activities of the farm. Harvest, feed the animals. Complete food delivery orders.

In addition to the main tasks, there are many mini-games. Play three in a row, collect puzzles, solve puzzles.

This will allow you to briefly change the type of activity and will not let you get bored.

While traveling, the main character will have many adventures and unexpected discoveries. Meet and make friends with new characters. These acquaintances will benefit the farm. The more clients you have, the more interesting orders await in the future.

Fiona will visit many interesting and beautiful places with different climatic conditions. Each location has its own entertainment, different flora and fauna.

Visit the game every day. Completing daily and weekly quests will give you valuable items and useful resources.

During major sports competitions and on public holidays, thematic events take place in the game. All participants will receive unique prizes. These can be decor items for the farm or just additional building materials, as well as precious artifacts.

Check for updates and don't miss exciting contests.

Check in the in-game store from time to time. Often there are discounts. You can buy the necessary resources, decorations and other items. There is also the ability to instantly replenish energy reserves. It is possible to pay for purchases with game currency or real money.

Fiona's Farm free download on Android you can use the link on this page.

Install the game and start playing right now to help cheerful Fiona find adventure and turn an abandoned lot into a thriving farm!

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