Football Masters

Alternative names: Football Masters

If you are crazy about sports games, and football - your hobby, then the game Football Masters will help you not only pass the cold winter evening, but also a warm summer day. After all, it's insanely interesting project from French developers. And even to the scale of the super popular FIFA this project so far falls short, he managed to acquire its own target audience, which holds him every waking moment. Nice graphics and gameplay perfectly executed attract gamers from around the world will join everyone's football madness.

Football Masters online - game genre which experienced game critics characterize as a MMORPG. MMORPG football - interesting, is not it? Unlike the more famous football games online, this project will give you more power. So now you can not be just a football player or a coach of a football club, you will feel like a real football manager. Your field of activity is associated with football, but the game will not have to think about tactics, you will need to properly dispose of the financial affairs of the club. So, you find yourself drawn into the world of politics and economics. You will need to engage in the hiring of new football stars, engaged in construction and financial tactics wisely manage the club money. All decisions anyway regarding your club must pass through your hands. You - the man in whose hands power is concentrated.

Since this is a typical project online, (you probably have already had to guess themselves) in the Football Masters registration process will be necessary to start the game. The game interface is decorated in French and, unfortunately, that it is impossible to find a single word in Russian. However, built-in any translator does easily cope with a barrier of misunderstanding by giving you free access to project management.

Right on the homepage you will be available to the registration form, after filling which you can start to play Football Masters.

It is unlikely that you will be able to meet friends from past postings expression (unless you are a fan of French games), but the translator will help to cope with this problem. You will need to enter your username, password, and, according to tradition, e-mailbox.

Play game Football Masters will be extremely interesting, because you will lie significantly greater burden of responsibility. Your main task - to ensure the welfare of their own club. How? you have to think of it yourself. The only clue - in the fight against all good. So, you can look for sponsors, improve and develop the stadium, hire the most talented players and take part in various competitions.


You will be able to participate for free Football Masters in serious matches and friendly matches. Competitors can be your friends gamers from around the world.

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