For the King 2

Alternative names: For King 2

For the King 2 sequel

For the King 2 is the next installment in the popular roguelike turn-based strategy game, slated for release in early 2023. The developers are the same - IronOak Games. This means that the successful mechanics of the first part will continue and will only get better. Although this game is a strategy game, it combines different genres:

step by step (each action is up to you),

roguelike (random level generation, irreversible actions, character death),

table (outwardly resembles a board game, for example, the card consists of cells along which the hero moves),

role (leveling of characters and their development).

May seem to combine incompatible. But this is only from the side. For the King 2, as the creators promise, will be even more brutal, which means interesting and complex. All success can depend on a single die roll (the combat system and actions are tied to an eight-sided die).

Innovations of the second part

Unfortunately, there is no specifics about what to expect in the second part. It says only that it will be possible to play both solo and with friends. Multiplayer game mode for up to 4 people will be available. It will be possible to unite and fight against despotic guards, bandits and monsters. We'll have to think more carefully about actions and moves. After all, having lost a hero, it will not be possible to resurrect him. Will have to download a new one.

From the trailer, it becomes clear that the next king was never elected, and the queen learned from the first part and became more powerful. Chaos is gaining strength, it will be much more difficult for the heroes to fight it. New monsters and bosses will stand in the way of travelers. Darkness has already begun to thicken over the kingdom of Farul. The versatility of choice and options for passing the game will still remain with the players.

Therefore, playing For the King 2 will still be interesting, even if you have already completed it once. You can now go through the dungeons alone, but you are very likely to die. Therefore, it is recommended to combine heroes and share the treasures equally with the loot. The variations of your team you will have limitless. Choose heroes according to your playing style.

  • mag
  • healer
  • archer
  • warrior
  • killer
  • and many others

They all have their own unique abilities. Be sure to consider them, they will help you pass the map without loss.

Download For the King 2 for free on a computer or laptop will not work. The second part, like the first, will be paid. But you can already add the game to your wishlist and when it is released you will receive a notification. While there is no exact cost, all that remains is to wait and track the news and For the King 2 release date, so as not to miss it!

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