For Honor

Alternative names: For Honor

Game For Honor and its origins.

When a preview of a new computer game, start arguments, what genre it is, with some engine out who is working on it, who publishes, and other related attributes. But the least it is known, as it was conceived by the author, and how much time passed before the onset of her strokes.

Game For Honor hatched in the mind of Jason Vandenberg more than 10 years. The impetus served as art courses of the western battle recorded with Jason, and then began to think about a way to transfer the controller elements of sword strokes. When the idea was formed, he offered it to various publishers, but for a long time nobody wanted to mess with if unpopular genre, referring to the absence of the target audience. But it was not the only reason technology to make the action too realistic at the time did not exist. And so it happened that Jason Vandenberg was able to"give birth"For Honor Only 12 years after her ideas.

reproach the child would still turned out to be not only viable, but also surprisingly entertaining. The toy is not someone's continuation, but a completely separate product with a unique story.

At E3 2015 the announcement of the game project with a single-user / multi-user mode in the genre of hack and slay, and is preparing to release his publisher Ubisoft spring 2016 For Honor will be possible to download the most relevant platforms:

  • PlayStation 4
  • Windows
  • Xbox One

Gde in the back of the Middle Ages.

Heavy armor, swords, powerful, stern faces of soldiers that have converged on the battlefield is For Honor, realistic fighting game in the third person. It's time to make a fateful choice of who you will become in this medieval story:

  • The Legions unbeaten rytsarem
  • The Warborn violent vikingom
  • The Chosen calm samuraem

Vas waiting for the battlefield bathed in a sea of ​​blood, and to be engaged in a strategy to develop tactics, combined with the allies against enemies and attack them from near and far boundaries. The process is so realistic that you will feel as the force of impact varies depending on the weight of the weapon.

To download For Honor, you have to wait quite a bit, and you can go on a single mission or sharing with friends passing.

Trump For Honor on the PC to other gaming products emotionality. We can say that this is a game for tough men who feel a special melee after the rise of raging adrenaline in the veins, passion and other chemical reaction.

As in life, the characters do not adhere to the rules of"one on one"and can attack several people on one, and often does. Imagine that you run into the crowd, shouting the battle cry, and then holds the sword to strike. There really should be the most weighty waving arms and not to wait until the system automatically does it for you. Since your opponent is also a real player who wins the battle the first one to catch the other by mistake and cause a fatal wound.

Game features.

Game For Honor has caused a lot of noise, and can not wait for gamers to take a seat at the monitor by going to the military campaign, leaving their wives to keep the hearth, until they return the shield or shield. And to win all the battles, think and act swiftly, using the available gaming opportunities.

  • Pick of the three factions of the warrior knight, samurai or viking
  • Sistema Art of Battle help manage mechom
  • Obdumyvayte military strategiyu
  • Razvivayte talents geroev
  • Srazhaytes in the single-player campaign, or shoulder to shoulder with druzyami
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